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Open Letter: “Are you kidding me?” BCHwy14 open house disappoints — 6 Comments

  1. Very disappointing in every way. Complete disinterest and disdain shown by MOT

  2. The realignment of highway 14 between Ludlow and Impala is designed to fix the ICBC accident hotspot. The plan fails to address current and potential population growth in Sooke. This plan enforces the need for Sooke to be self sustaining with a proper medical centre, senior care, and maybe even a shared Provincial and Federal Government access centre.

  3. Widening the road would require a fair amount of expropriation…there are many homes quite close to the road already. As a realtor, I can tell you that I’ve had buyers decide not to buy in Sooke after traversing the road. I really don’t know if there’s a viable solution.

  4. Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction for answers. Government won’t spend the money to encourage more traffic. We are entering a change in how we travel. Fuel powered cars may diminish in our lifetime and we need to plan for changes.
    All the carbon taxes may pay to allow us to have free bus service to encourage us to get out of the cars. Every big SUV and truck has one person in it. Our habits have created this traffic problem.
    Look to how we use our resources and plan for the future. If you are driving a Hummer, Suv or monster pick up truck you are part of the problem and need to start thinking about a solution.

  5. I also attended the open house last evening and I must say that the focus seems to be on localized band aid fixes to particular problem intersections but very little about really improving the entire roadway. There were some interesting ideas about straightening certain sections and cutting off some of the longer loops but nothing substantive about any 4-lane options. As Victoria gets more expensive and Westshore runs out of affordable land, Sooke will be the natural choice for expansion. Adding a few buses or praying that we’ll all suddenly be able to work from home is just pie in the sky. If we can’t get something done to the road while being in Premier John Horgan’s riding, then I think we can forget it. Beyond little cosmetic changes announced recently, the new government is becoming known as the “government of review”. Paralysis by analysis comes to mind.

  6. Street lights. When it is dark and raining – six months of the year – I cannot see the road when facing oncoming traffic. Every bend, dip and rise present challenges to staying within in my lane. From Sooke to the four lane, in either direction, it becomes twenty minutes of terror. I may have to quit working. Seriously. Street lights. The poles are already there. Do something please.