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Open Letter to Council: They aren’t just rocks — 75 Comments

  1. i encourage every resident of this town, to paint and leave rocks, who can out last who. Next thing you know she Ms Sullivan! will tell us we can’t decorate the tree on the spit!

  2. I love Sooke too, but not a fan of the painted rocks or that look. Feel free to do so in your own property

    • Well, no one will put them on your property so no worries. They are out in the areas shared by the community

  3. I totally agree with Olena Russell! I grew up in Sooke and still feel that Sooke is my home town[although I now live in Port Renfrew]Sooke is filled with artists of one kind or another. Whether is fiber,paint, wood or other medium the “rocks” show another side of an community filled with talent! I don’t think that council should have the only “say” in how Sooke grows in any form. You are elected by “the people” however when it comes to the “look” of the community the very people who elected you should have an input into these kind of discussions. The plain “rock gardens” chosen by “who ever” could use some sprucing up with colour….. IMHO they are down right ugly as they “sit” ….. the artistic “rocks” give them beauty and character! In fact they could be incorporated into a children’s festival, scavenger hunt or other such activity….council, do try to be more “far sited” and listen to those outside the council chambers!

  4. I totally, whole heartedly agree with Olena & all others who love the painted rocks. Sooke has so many artistic, eclectic people living here. This is where we live and we should have a say in what we would like in town. Ms. Sullivan you are missing the whole point! They are not just rocks…they are canvases painted with messages of love, peace, kindness and more. Look beyond the rock. I am an multi-media artist and when I heard about the rocks I was elated. When I was a kid I painted rocks with model paints (the only craft paint available then). Now I paint rocks with patio paint so they can be outside. I however cannot take credit for this rock craze, but will certainly get on the band wagon. Ms. Sullivan, have you ever heard of ‘random acts of kindness’? That’s what this is, to brighten someone’s day. Let’s not be a “Cookie Cutter” town. Other towns & cities everywhere on the island have a little special something about them.

  5. A friend of mine gave me a painted rock several weeks ago, which I treasure. I keep it on a shelf to watch over me and my music. It’s a painted eye 🙂 <3 Thanks, Diana. <3

  6. There is a lovely painted rock, which has been at the city Hall front door for use to hold it open,for many years.It is pretty blue painted rock. I have painted rocks in my garden my grandsons painted too.I love the painted rocks showing up in the village. Shows the true artistic nature of Sookies.
    The question should be,why was the soil removed and at what added cost to the taxpayer and replaced with rocks,which may roll off onto the traveling portion of the road or sidewalk? The colorful plants which should have been,have been replaced with bland colored rocks.Little wonder folks choose to color up the town center. This is one of the reasons we should have a official community plan committee. It is local people who love,care and know their community,who should plan it’s future ,not politicians and staff.For all those who want to shape the future of your community, speak up now and insist on a public committee to review and update our plan. It may just be the majority would love to see painted rocks dotting the town.
    Build and paint the town the way you want it to be. It belongs to all of us.

  7. It certainly appears that an infection of creativity has been started in our humble home of Sooke. It also appears that this infection is starting to spread to other communities. Awesome everyone – lets continue to blanket our town in “a look WE want”!

  8. I’m really hoping that the Council will recognise the community spirit that this small rock garden is growing. With so much negativity in so many forms these days….it is like a ray of warm sunshine in Sooke. Why not celebrate it….and rock on? What a good message it will send….a simple rock that shares a smile.

  9. We too are new to Sooke since December and love it here. The notion of a community rock ‘garden’ would be completely lost on most people who haven’t experienced this unique town and it’s talented, unique citizens. The rocks are awesome! So I’d like to know what the heck are they thinking at the town hall. What possible negative connotation does it imply about Sookes image?

  10. Ms Sullivan, you’re the CAO. You are not the arbiter of what we want or don’t want in Sooke, and with any luck whatsoever no unelected administrative executive ever will be. We put people in office to represent us…you don’t do that and it’s not what you’re paid for.

    I’m tempted to sponsor an event just to do a mass rock painting and spread the art around.

  11. I love the painted rocks. They’re whimsical, bright and beautiful pieces of art. The plain rocks, the same grey colour as the sidewalk and the road, are dull and boring. The painted rocks represent so many different aspects of our community. Let them stay!

  12. How amazing, in a world where chasing fictional characters, is supported more than the creativity, humour and time that a person has taken to paint a rock – how can anyone express such a soberingly negative comment as “It’s not a look we want in our town.” I am so glad that this person seems to know what I like and want in the community I have settled in – Thank you so much for voicing my thoughts and opinions in the Royal “We” – now, please, get off your high horse and join the lowly peons in rock painting. Who knows you may actually be able to relax and smile.