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Open Letter to Council: They aren’t just rocks — 75 Comments

  1. I wonder who the “we” is that Teresa references? Whether you like the painted rocks or not, it IS fun and whimsical and reminds us all to lighten up a little. Not everything in life needs to be perfect and sterile, and I think you’re happier when you quit trying to make it so. My two cents… 🙂

  2. Maybe more people should be painting rocks!
    They’re pretty cool looking.

  3. The “Desert landscaping” that was done is so plain and boring. We live on an island, a rainforest. Not a desert. Town core definitely looks better with the painted rocks!!

  4. Really Teresa Sullivan. Your against pretty rocks that I know most of the community are enjoying. I think it’s time you got out and meet the real people of Sooke.

  5. I love them! The first time I spotted them I was on my home from a lousy day at work they literally brought a huge smile to my face. Leave them alone – they totally represent Sooke! My question would be – how long has Teresa Sullivan lived here to assume they don’t represent Sooke??? My guess is not long…. A

  6. The rocks britten up a already beautiful town. Who ever the “we” she is talking about is im not included… I love the rock exchange and smiles it has brought to out town core.

  7. My daughter is an artist and spent an enjoyable day with a friend painting rocks with a friend. This is good clean organic fun for community members. Let’s not be snotty and turn our noses up before even understanding how little initiatives like this can bond a community together. Give your head a shake Teresa Sullivan. Get to know this place before deciding what the ROYAL WE thinks. It’s a democracy, ask for some community input and don’t be a joy-sucker.

  8. A standing ovation for Olena Russell’s letter. As the comments clearly show – the “we” in the statement from the CAO doesn’t represent the members of our community. It needs to be said that just because one is in a position of ‘control’ — that (said) control is not meant to be served in the form of a blanket – covering the community and all that this community represents. For someone who (I believe) has lived here for a relatively short period of time – she sure seems to know what “we” want. I for another member (long lived) of this community say she is wrong.

  9. We added 3 rocks. My kids loved painting them. I don’t see a problem with bringing some colour to something thats so boring. Who decided a bunch of rocks was the best for our core?

  10. Sooke is Sooke because of the community not the council administration. “We” are the ones who live here, who spend money here, who make our community safe by our presence. “We” enjoy the rocks.

  11. I think it would be a perfect time for a peaceful painted rock revolution! Paint a rock and drop it off downtown today!! Bring some color to the boring choice of landscaping that was chosen by “we”. 🙂

  12. I was just in Vancouver, Wa this past week with a friend and they have their own rock treasure hunt page which is a HUGE hit! I’ve painted a dozen or so rocks already and am starting a page for a treasure hunt of our own for our beautiful island! (Well, the lower half anyway!) 😉 I’ll post a link in just a bit!

  13. I have a question. Does Teresa Sullivan live in Sooke? If she does then she can use the word “we” especially if she has taken the time to find out what the rest of us want. If she doesn’t live in Sooke then she is just an administer whose responsibility is to make sure that she is doing what “we” want and not what she wants. Sooke is a whimsical magical place to live with some of the most creative people on the island. Teresa Sullivan needs to get to know us and commit to us before she starts including herself as part of Sooke’s population.

  14. I’m new to Sooke, where are the rocks located downtown? I’d love to see them and add a few of mine to the collection.

  15. Agreed! We don’t want a cookie cutter town! Look at Chemainus, and what makes it so special and enjoyed by so many others. These splashes of art everywhere bring smiles to faces, discussion, are beautiful, and simply delightful.

  16. It is pretty clear to me that there seems to be a common thread along with some pointed questionings – in all these responses to the CAO’s “It’s not a look we want in our town.” Perhaps someone needs to ‘rethink’ her blanketing ways.

  17. CALL TO ALL ROCK ARTISTS – As a silent protest, let’s all send a message to City Hall, paint a rock (or many!) and drop it off at the spot (i.e., A and W side of road near the bus stop) before the end of this weekend! By the way, Did you know that most of the rocks say “I <3 Sooke?"

  18. I have walked by there many times over and thought of it as a great idea. I think the CAO may have opened Pandora’s box and perhaps instead of leaving things alone now has created a place of protest. Oh the tangled webs we weave

  19. Rock on Sooke! I love seeing our community coming together with our creativeness..and showing the tourists that we are enjoying the freedom to have our artistic skills throughout the town square. Who is the “WE” in not wanting this look!. Teresa Sullivan do not move our art somewhere else..as you said in our local paper!

  20. The painted rocks are what sooke is as a town .as a kid when we traveled there where small things that you remember about those places you would visit,leaving a memory on a small rock in a small town on an island lets that memory stay alive .to remove the rocks is a waist of that moment in time ,maybe if there are rock with inappropriate art they could be removed .iv lived here for almost 30 years and small things like this make people stop and get out look around and see the wonder of this special place we call home.

  21. It’s a great community art project literally from the ground up, it’s organic development is doing what public art projects always aim to do, it makes a change from corporate “any town” and whilst community brand is important they should not be afraid of initiatives like this. Fear and failure are never far apart. The arts are a beacon for: managing change, activating community involvement,raising aspiration and a myriad of other positives… I hope to see the council recognize this and learn from success stories of other communities all over the world in the way they manage this conflict.

  22. So she sends an email telling council how to vote on a matter (some council members voiced their displeasure about this email) and now she is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong again. Let the elected members represent our town and voice their opinions. Her voice does not represent Sooke. Who hired her??

  23. I walked by the town core with my three girls one day and was pleasantly surprised to see the painted rocks there. I felt the same as this person; that they express what we all love about Sooke. I even told my girls that we should paint some and bring there too! Makes me sad to think that council would have an issue with this. How could it possibly bother anyoneane. The CAO should be proud to be part of such a unique place. I’m thinking her vision for Sooke is not quite the same as the majority of residents.

  24. Sooke rocks! Love the protests of ‘power over’ CAO tactics. Let there be rocks, lots of rocks of all colours, stripes and persuasion! The foundation of Sooke rocks!

  25. Keep painting those rocks folks! They are a great addition to the flair and flavour of Sooke. Full credit to those that are taking the time to add to the richness of our town!

    On the other hand, Ms. Sullivan, the CEO, needs to back off making such unjustified statements unless he can actually support her claim that “It’s not a look we want in our town.”

  26. Rock on Sooke, we are a unique community and have a creative spirit. Make the rocks family friendly and we can smile together. Dry rocks are totally boring and not at all creative. I prefer the love and adventure of families working together to paint the rocks.

  27. Thank you to the artist(s) who are helping to beautify our wonderful town. BTW if anyone is running short of artist material for the rock project I’d like to donate a few from our yard.

  28. I love them so so unique
    I will be adding some very soon now that I’m aware of the location
    I hope they get to stay in the funky rock garden and the Sooke clean up crew does NOT remove them

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