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Open Letter: Recent cuts to arts funding fly in the face of the District’s own Official Community Plan — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve shown my work in the Sooke Fine Art Show for several years now off and on and as a professional artist with one man shows in the former Soviet Union, Scotland, Iraq, the USA and Canada, I can say that the organizers of the Sooke Fine Arts show do a fantastic job. The volunteers are amazing and I hope that they continue to be well funded.
    When I take my work out to the show or pick it up, I always go to Mom’s Cafe for lunch or dinner. (Great people there also!)
    Sooke is an amazing place in general and the mayor and council and city staff do a great job as well.
    But……….. please continue your support for the Sooke Fine Art show. It has a fabulous reputation second to none.
    Thank you.

    • I support the Roundabout and also the Sooke Fine Art Show.
      I also like the idea of placing sculpture in the centre of the roundabout. Communities around the world see the value of that because it adds beauty. The city of Nanaimo for example has a fantastic program of temporary sculpture where artists show their work for a year. It’s a great program because they can showcase various kinds of sculpture and if people don;t like the selection this year, they can look forward to something new the next year when the work is changed over. The cost is tremendously cost effective because the artist is paid a small fee for the rights to show his or her work and the work still is owned by the artist.
      The city of Richmond is another example where the addition of art is viewed as a tremendous asset to the community. This idea is being adopted in cities all across north America actually. So yes….I’d love to see the roundabout feature artwork.
      A nice tree with lots of plants is also a great choice also.
      It’s all about creating a community that looks good and where people will take pride in that.
      I believe that the Sooke Fine Art Show does exactly that and does it very well.
      By the way, sometimes I have been successful getting my work into the show and sometimes I was rejected:)

  2. i agree that the Art Show should continue to get as much support as possible from local government. Maybe the Sooke Fine Arts people should threaten to “go on strike” and not host an art show this year?!!! Then people might notice the lack of visitors to Sooke in the middle of tourist season … visitors who come here to go to the Art Show also often stay in Sooke, go to restaurants in Sooke, shop in Sooke stores and buy art work from Sooke artists! We need to support this group!

  3. Just curious why you believe your neighbours should be expected to pay for your hobbies and interests?