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Open Letter: Reminder that Council can change bylaws; administration cannot — 8 Comments

  1. To Mayor and Council

    I too, thoroughly agree with Gail in her comments. The bylaw was also written with clear intent to only charge for bylaws, ie, OCP, Zoning Bylaw, etc. , which we have always done. The Agenda is for the public and the council. Council still receives paper agendas, as do all the staff members, as I have seen them all leaf through their agendas, while we the public are left in the dark. This change is not only causing hardship to seniors on fixed incomes and to others on low incomes but is also discriminatory in practice. There are those , not computer savy or those not able to pay for agendas or also too expensive to print out. These agenda packages have been a part of the budget since 2000 and have not been removed by council decision and there has been no input from the public for such a policy change. I insist that the agenda be made available in print to the public as well as the (insiders), as we on the outside are feeling blocked out of process. This disrespect to the public needs to end. We are the taxpayers and we supported as did council, the budget which has allowed the printing of agendas.

    I also would like to know why the city hall access is closed sometimes on Tuesdays, without any prior notice , and the public has no knowledge that the public building is closed and may travel great distance or not, only to find the doors locked. This has never been a policy before and also council has always set hours for holidays and closures. I find this disrespectful to the public at large.

    I hope we can resolve some of these issues forthwith and show respect to the taxpayers of this community.


  2. Both very Valid comments………what is with this Administration and their “Holier than Thou” attitude?

  3. well said Gail and Ellen…sadly doctrine is being driven by the Councils CAO and she is wagging the dog; policy is determined by what is best for them rather than the public as evidenced by their communication strategy which will be released soon: this has had no public input so far and if the public is not consulted in how communication is travelling between them and townhall then it is obvious as to their attitude toward the public (and for a group that as made several media clankers it is even more surprising).

  4. Yes I agree. Why does it take our citizens to bring this forward? Can it be that Staff and Council is happy keeping the public without the information that we need to know what they are doing? Mr. Kasper has stated in the past that he is there to work for the voters of Sooke. Maybe he is just on a break.