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Open Letter to Alex: Let your accusations be grounded in fact — 18 Comments

  1. As ever Britt, a calm, rational, fact-based response. It’s made me curious as to where Alex was coming from – his frame of reference – when he posted.

  2. well said Britt…i look forward to seeing you at the next council meeting Alex!

  3. I really enjoy your articles and your dedication. Good rebuttal. Please keep doing what you do.

  4. speaking of value for money, let’s all send a few bucks to Britt so she can keep going!

  5. Excellent response Britt! I re-read the information you presented and noted that it was factual without any hint of smear campaign tactics. I think Alex Dunphy is barking up the wrong tree and is looking pretty silly for doing so.

  6. Requoting because I love it- “That’s called being critical. A good democracy is one where authority can (and must) be questioned.”
    Please continue Britt! PS sometimes I need to remember that my marriage is not a democracy.
    (That’s being self reflective, and a little bit humorous, in case self reflection and humour might be misconstrued, by anyone.)

  7. Read it 3 times and then a fourth time in my pj’s.

    I’m proud of this piece and want my teenage daughters to read it….so that they might embrace social etiquette and refined grace. Not to mention intellectual and some brilliant writing!!!!

    Love it.