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Open Letter to Horgan: Lane filtering addresses congestion issues, and safety for motorcyclists — 49 Comments

  1. Obviously never been to Italy, where every available lane possibility is filled with hundreds of scooters. We’re a little behind the times here.

    • It’s unnerving for a driver of a car
      I’ve experienced it and thankfully wasn’t driving
      Accidents abound….I’ve sat in the stalled traffic on their bridges due to serious accidents involving the motorcycles
      It’s not a pretty sight

    • Maybe Rome was filled with sirens but this comment section is filled with people who probably didn’t even open the article, or look at any real statistics, or even understand the difference between lane filtering and splitting (the latter of which is *not* being proposed for BC).

  2. yes traffic is changing here. North America is unique in the world that we have huge trucks used by citizens for non business use. The public is starting to see them as pollution and road hazards. Over the next few years we will see legislation to restrict certain vehicles and make traffic pattern changes like the ones James has referenced. It will be great to see elect scooters replace monster diesel vehicles that pollute our air and destroy smaller vehicles around them in accidents.

  3. Good idea! Definitely better than the idea I had in my sleep…
    I had a weird dream that the “sookahala” was upgraded into a bizzare 4 lane highway, but instead of 4 lanes side by side, they put 2 lanes overtop of the existing riad on a tall bridge-like highway.
    Craziness I know. But I wonder if its ever been done… lol

  4. I’ve seen it in California, I personally thought it was insane to have a motorcycle passing between cars on the freeway, but it seems to work there

  5. I’ve sat on bridges completely stalled traffic for over an hour…more than once…due to exactly this resulting in serious accidents

    • For the most part of developed countries there are established pathways for walking. Keeping us safe and separated from the dangers. When we venture out of those lanes we put ourselves at risk. A calculated risk, usually in a designated zone or path, but a risk nonetheless. Those who choose to ride are taking a risk as well.
      I’m not defending distracted drivers or idiots who don’t give bikes the room or respect deserved. I just don’t see a change happening.
      Awareness needs to be brought to ride safety but changes to established rules brings chaos.

  6. Lane splitting and land filtering is not the same thing. @Chris moerike if we had lane filtering we would be donating significantly less organs. It’s distracted drivers who are causing accidents that we want to avoid.

  7. As a rider, I’ve seen far too many distracted drivers out there. Riders are the most alert drivers on the road because we’re all well aware of the inherent dangers of riding, plus we’re actively using all our hands and feet and even body position to operate our bikes.

    A driver in a car, especially in an automatic vehicle, has so little to do, the driver’s brains are turning off, then they start fidgeting with lunch/makeup/radio/phones and end up being a distracted driver doing stupid things on the road that make cars a hazard for riders.

    Filtering lets riders get out front and put a bit of distance between the bumper cars and us. It’s safer for all involved. The science and stats prove it.

    Saying that you were stuck on a bridge once because of a motorbike accident doesn’t really add much to the conversation. I’ve been stuck on a bridge thanks to cars that crashed. Saying that all motorcycles shouldn’t filter because there was an accident once where a motorbike was filtering is ridiculous because 1) there are tons of car crashes every day and nobody is saying we shouldn’t be driving cars 2) we don’t know who was at fault in that incident… it could have very easily have been the car driver’s fault – likely, actually – but the rider gets maligned because of the ‘assumption of guilt’ simply because he/she was on a bike and 3) If you as a car driver can’t manage to update your driving to follow some new rules (like allowing for motorbike filtering at a stop light) then you aren’t technically capable of driving at the level that is necessary for the protection of others, and you should have your license revoked. Immediately. Period.

  8. I am neither for nor against the described lane filtering. What makes me not want to listen is statements like AJ’s…”Riders are the most alert drivers” ridiculous statement. I dismiss with no care what is exerted with no evidence. Speaking of which the original author says the studies are available upon request but it would only have taken the same breath or print space to include a link to the studies. So i call shenanigans there too.

    I wouldn’t mind thoughtful debate on the issue, but without “My side is the best at such and such” and without statistics that are not sourced but cleverly hidden by a “sources available upon request”.

    If I was on a bike I could be tempted to want to cruise to the front of the line of not moving traffic but when I was behind the wheel, I would hate watching that happen wondering when some one is going to open the door to get some air, or go pee or stretch their legs while bikes filter by from time to time. SO i get both sides. I am undecided about the law prohibiting this action, but glad to hear there is one….as that weird feeling i get watching bikes filter by when there is a traffic stop on the sooke highway won’t go away…at least i know its in line with the law.

  9. you dont think a motorcycle going past a car when its not expected, at closer than normal range as you will be weaving around mirrors, ISNT a distraction?

  10. how about the guys who use the bike lane reserved for HUMAN powered vehicles. not gonna get any sympathy or support from this driver. you chose to use that method of transport with all of its risks and concerns. i give bikes of all types a car sized space. they deserve all the right and RULES all vehicles adhere to.

    • And not all drivers are distracted. But it happens. Breeds antimocity. Seen it. Been a passenger when it happened. Resulted in collision and popo. Don’t know the fix but need to find one

    • Sean Doidge and I are both riders . one thing people in cars don’t understand is every car is a hazard to bikes . because we are such a small. footprint on the road . .. and yes every car is out to get us .. we have to pay attn way more than a car driver .. .. 3 times in the last two days I have almost been taken out by in attention.. if I wasnt paying attn I would be dead .

    • Agreed. That’s why I give lots of room for riders and try to make eye contact or a wave. Let them know you know they are there. Not that hard. That’s why I think a lane might help.

    • I’d be up for either a dedicated lane for us on bikes or implementing proper lane filtering. Any time I’m out on the bike it’s a crap shoot of how many times I almost get pushed off the road, someone tailgating or turning left in front of me. One of the other major issues is the lack of instruction new drivers get on looking out for motorcycles/bicycles. My worst one was when I still had my Harley, I was right next to the dipshit, he looked right through me and tried to take over my lane. The only thing that saved me was his wife and kids screaming at him that there was a bike right next to him and me punching the side mirror off the car.

    • Sean Doidge – the other parent to my boy (ok and yours too but mostly mine lol) …. as in so many cases … together or apart … both parents ride … I have had so many near calls … drivers not signalling, changing 3 lanes in one go while I was in the 3rd lane … had I not braked hard I would have been thrown into oncoming traffic … regardless of how safely one rides, how correct in lane positioning … the fact is all of the drivers out there are to self focused when driving. Life is too hectic and crazy to be solely focused on one thing only. I was just recently almost sideswiped by some idiot who thought it was ok to text and drive. That driver continued to text even after. People seem to forget that motorcyclists are people with families and loved ones who would be devastated without them. Lane filtering or a dedicated lane would make it easier for us both to be around for the boy (ok … young man) and his children when he has them.

  11. I’m from the uk and there it’s called filtering it’s allowed as long as it’s in slow moving traffic . The lane splitting you see in California is completely different thing .

  12. There is always a steady movement of people that want to turn Canada into the Eurozone. Bikers already rip by you in what ever fashion they feel like.

    • It seems like there are three interests here. The biker who does not want to wait and zip by you, the driver who has to watch for them in their rear view and side mirrors if the bike is not equipped with deafening sound. And the taxpayer and medical system that will take on the increased accident costs.

  13. Motorcyclists are being killed by distracted car drivers slamming into the back of them. Lane filtering between rows of slow moving or stationary traffic saves lives. If you are opposed to an initiative that saves lives on the road then you need to go and find a mirror and have a chat with yourself.
    I ride motorcycles, I drive a car and I have truckers licence and have ridden and driven all over Europe and Asia where filtering is prevalent and legal and North America where it rarely is legal. I can see the safety benefits from all angles. Those that have only driven cars in North America, and do not ride motorcycles, have no biker experience to draw on, concerning this life saving initiative, other than probably selfishly thinking that somehow bikers are getting one over on them by sneaking to the front of the line.
    The real irony here is, not only does lane filtering save lives but also helps reduce traffic congestion, so everyone gets to their destination sooner, which in turn reduces the amount of pollution being generated by idling vehicles.
    Anyone fancy arguing against that as well?

  14. Some of the comments against motorcycle lane filtering are laughable here. To the person needing statistics… If you feel my letter is not spoon feeding you enough information, and you are that interested in stats, go and google them, then come back and argue from an informed perspective. I certainly don’t feel inclined to lay it out on a plate for you, however I have done just that for Mr Horgan and his team when they requested further information a few months ago. They have sufficient facts to move forward with this.

  15. Rather than have everyone share the road equally, we are suggesting more segregation and special rules for certain individuals, more division within society. Rather than get along we would introduce more government regulation resulting in an increase in road rage.

  16. Ron. Society is full of special rules for certain individuals. Nothing new is that. However when road rules are created that save lives and help reduce traffic congestion then that has to be a good thing.
    No doubt the reasoning behind cycle lanes.

    Motorcycle filtering exists in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, and has done for years. It’s coming here without doubt. Motorists need to get used to the idea and see it for what it is:

    1) A life saver
    2) Traffic congestion reduction
    3) Pollution reduction.

    Its not just “you bikers are getting special treatment”