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Opinion: After a 10 year pay freeze, an increase for municipal politicians is long overdue — 9 Comments

  1. Agreed. When the mayor and council are faced with dealing with a CAO who makes five or ten times their salary plus medical dental etc.,it is a difficult pill to swallow. They do the time and take the flack and can’t hide behind bully rules etc

  2. I say yes to the raise as long as it is” reasonable” those against that’s fine, however try thinking about giving up as much of your time as they do.

  3. Agreed James,but we need some quality.difficult when the Mayor is being paid $20,000 and is the boss to the CAO getting paid $125,000 or so.

  4. Intersting “opinion”, I respectfully disagree and rarely comment on social media as really it’s a no win situation. I appears your “opinion” is political, and contains intent, where I could say thinly veiled, if one was to believe other sites comments you may actually be running in the next election ( I hope you do, seriously) so the perfect scenario , negative attention to current council who would vote for a raise after 75 % of the current term behind us. And you would reap the bennifits two ways, helps to be a story of increased pay loosing votes for current decision makers, and you have the clean concience well they did it. It must be on your mind as you have brought it several times as an independent reporter, I haven’t heard it brought up by any current councillors and even when it appeared on our agenda none including me gave it much thought as you reported, spineless? I think appropriate is a better description, we all knew the wage going in so I believe we should live with that hence my support of receiving the oddly timed report (not sure why it made it to the agenda) . Your words “hopefully” for a new incoming council sounds political., maybe just me. I actually believe that the remuneration should be set at the beginning of any term, and I think given the size of our municipality it is a fair amount currently, as I knew what it was going in, you are correct about the weight of the position, but I would ask why should it be more? It is a volunteer position, I ran not for the$ and no one should I would suggest no $ , would we have any volunteers? I ran for the love of my community, and I am one of seven , I think current rates are just fine, and that’s why I recieved the report not political.

  5. If a politician loves his work as well as his community, taking occasional bursts of heat is probably one of the best ways to gain an appreciation for what direction a community should be headed. For a community minded person, what could be more interesting work? There are many unpaid volunteers in the Sooke area if we look closely. Like those in politics, their work usually gives them satisfaction.

    ONE ADDED THOUGHT: I would like to see a ward system in Sooke . A ward system would ease the burden of candidates having to campaign city wide leaving many gaps. Local issues would be heard. It would help prevent cases of name recognition being the prime reason for candidate selection by those not close to civic activity. It would give all locations in the community equal weight at council.

    Those for or against this concept please comment.