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Opinion: If people won’t pay for hyperlocal news, it will disappear — 1 Comment

  1. Kudos to SPN’s Britt Santowski for her supreme effort publishing ‘hyper local news’. I can only imagine the myriad of tasks that she must perform on a daily (does she take a day off…or two) basis. Apart from working part-time at Royal Roads, it would be too numerous and onerous to list all the tasks she is ‘driven’ to do to put out a daily local paper. But one must also realize that not only is she the publisher, editor, interviewer, wordsmith, ad solicitor for SPN; she is also a mother and a homemaker. What drives her? Perseverance should be at the top of the list!

    In the article “Will People Pay for Hyper Local News”, Britt is quoted as saying “At a very core grunt level I would rather be accountable to 1,000 shareholders each paying three bucks a month than 10 businesses paying 300.”

    Let’s just take a look at these numbers from another perspective. If Britt is allowing for herself to be ‘compensated’ $3000/month ’just to get by’ – that would be $36,000/year. If 750 ‘shareholders’ contributed a looney a week to SPN over a years span (750 x 52), it would equal $39,000. Perhaps then, Britt might also be able to hire someone to occasionally stand in for her while she takes a much-deserved rest. Spare change anyone?