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Opinion: It’s not about the poppies — 5 Comments

  1. You’ve based your entire opinion piece on an incorrect quote. He didn’t say “You people who come from away”. Where did you get that? Check your facts. Besides, to Don Cherry you people has always been his viewers. He says you people all the time, when directly addressing his viewers. But you wouldn’t know that since you didn’t watch the show.

    • No, I did not watch the show, but I did watch the clip several times after it aired. I do apologize, I got the quote slightly wrong, but the essence was exactly the same. He can address his viewers however he wants, but this specific use of “you people”, I maintain, was racist and wrong.

      “You people love — that come here, whatever it is — you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey,” (transcript from https://nationalpost.com/news/coachs-corner-don-cherry-fired)

  2. Well said Maryna even though I do not agree 100% with all you wrote. I also agree with some of what Don Cherry said. Buying a poppy is something all Canadians should do to give thanks to our vets – some of whom died or were seriously wounded in two world wars and in subsequent conflicts. They were fighting for the freedoms (especially of expression) that we now enjoy in what I regard as the best country in the world to live – Canada.

  3. Thank-you Maryna…so well said & your gracious, patient replies to those who challenge you reflects maturity, honesty & integrity.