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OPINION: Khadr’s $10.5 million was a result of Canada’s breach of national and international laws — 42 Comments

  1. Well said!! And please, let’s not forget the 100+million spent by the Harper government to get his story to go away… battling this in court, losing every. single. time… :/

    • Surely YOU ARE NOT defending Omar….are you? That is crazy and Harper YES should have made it go away permanently to never be heard again and Omar should have been killed in Guantanamo IF HE was tortured. I FULLY believe the stories by the victims who WERE there when Omar threw his bombs…..and I fully believe he was not tortured in Guantanamo. THIS IS SICK he even got a cent from Canada who DID NOTHING to him.

      • You believe the one who was airlifted out for a bloody nose at least 40 minutes before anything happened?

  2. Very well said. It is absolutely a divisive and emotional situation altogether – but we can’t pick and choose when our Canadian rights and freedoms are applied, and to whom.

    • IT WAS TRUDEAU who decided to give him the money people….do your homework. HE SAID GIVE IT TO HIM NOW….and NO his rights WERE NOT infringed upon by Canadians and Harper KNEW THAT. Omars family is WEALTHY people and that is how they kept this in courts……SICK SICK SICK.

    • Benjamin Kendrick OMAR should have been killed on the battlefield and NOT saved by the Americans he was trying to kill and Guantanamo should have drowned him while waterboarding him IF he WAS truly waterboarded which I DO NOT believe one word that comes out of his terrorist lying mouth.

    • Deidre Ann,

      Facts, not emotional diatribes rule the day. Your facts are wrong, and your emotional anger that he wasn’t killed is a bit disturbing. How many civilians have western forces killed over the years? Why are our soldiers not labeled terrorists? In war, people die. Just because Khadr’s father dragged him into a war when he was a child doesn’t make him a terrorist.

    • Did go to trial Supreme Court & they ruled in Khadr’s favour. Please pay attention! It was not IF he would get a settlement that was 100% determined he would by the Suopreme Court, it was ONLY the amount which settled wisely at 10 million instead of the 20 & up to 40 million he was likely to win! His basic Canadian rights were violated. Several crown prosecutors looking over evidence from the time he was taken in the Us have stated there was not enough concrete evidence to even charge 15 year old Omar let alone win a conviction back then!

    • Benjamin Kendrick , maybe it would have been double, but we’ll never know. It should have gone to trial so that we could have real closure with all of the facts. The government obviously want this to go away, makes me wonder why.

  3. I will say it again. Public outcry would be totally different if it was a little boy named Michael Thompson for example. I thought we lived in an “innocent till proven guilty in a court trial” country too.

  4. Just curious who paid all the legale fees for this person.. If the Canadian government spent a hundred million to make this go away , as you claim Annabelle Fortin, then what did it cost to win the settlement?. Another question might be why is this person concerened about trying to find a job, didn’t he just recieve $10.5 million dollers? Makes me wonder where all the money is going?

  5. The reports I read said no one saw who threw the grenade. There was someone alive when the Americans entered the space. That person shot at them and they shot back and killed him. Also, American forces people threw grenades in the same time frame as Speers was injured. and Khadr was found when someone stepped on him where he was buried under rubble [probably did not know he was a child and probably was scared himself] so shot him twice in the back. Part of the plea bargain was Khadr agreed to the US destroying evidence. How cool is that?

    • There is an excellent documentary DVD in the Awareness Film Night Library at A Sea of Bloom called “Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr”. It came out in 2015 and it tells his story from the perspective of many people (including his captors and jailers) and it also portrays the man himself. It is actually quite an uplifting movie. Recommended no matter what your stance is on this.

  6. Thanks for a clear picture. People let their emotions get in the way on issues like these. We cannot pick and chose which Canadians have rights…a slippery slope.

  7. I’m re-posting my comments from the same post on my page.


    the article is actually a very intelligent, multi-viewed perspective of the Khadr ordeal.

    The main jist of the article, that I see, is the irony of our troops fighting and dying for our freedom and rights, which includes reasonable fair trial no matter what, in a reasonable amount of time, and Khadr didn’t get that.

    Even if he’s 100% guilty of all charges, and was to serve 10 life sentences, it doesn’t matter…..he still gets the same Canadian rights a cop would read out for any Canadian citizen upon arrest. Fair trial and fair representation in a court of Canadian law. Or even as a ‘war criminal’, even some Nazi’s got ‘fair trial’ after WW2!
    This flies in the face of our entire ‘western’ ideology of fairness and basic human rights. To take this away negates and dishonours the actions and sacrifices of our troops.

    Also, of course, on the other ‘side’ of the argument, I see money and extremism distorting justice as well……$10million payout to Khadr (and his lawyers) is a stupid thing to let happen. Worst thing with it is the setting of a precedent for future lawsuits…sigh…

    As far as the picture, half burnt flag and the caption, I see it open to a thousand interpretations. I’m not even gonna try listing the ones I see. I know symbolism is important to mostly everyone, and it encourages in people both ‘pride’ and ‘offence’. I usually just get confused.

  8. Canada DID NOT fail Omar or his RICH family who trained Omar right here IN Canada to make bombs….then took their terrorist family to afghanistan to fight CANADIAN and AMERICAN soldiers….fight the same men from the same country their family ….. RICH family migrated to to BE Canadians. SO NO … he deserves NOTHING and YOU NEED to HEAR from the VICTIMS who were there when Omar went bats*&T crazy and tried to KILL Canadians and Americans. This IS a disgusting betrayal by Trudeau on REAL BORN Canadians who CANNOT get justice for crimes committed upon them IN Canada…..and Omar committed his atrocities IN afghanistan and the AMERICANS arrested him and put him in AN American prison for terrorists. Whether he was tortured there or NOT….which claims he was not tortured but apparently MAD at Canada’s government for NOT getting him out of guantanamo because he was now a immigrant Canadian. HE SHOULD HAVE SUED HIS OWN PARENTS FOR MAKING HIM A TERRORIST and SUED AMERICA….but he didn’t sue America because of the money hold on him by his victims families. This act alone by Trudeau…..dems…..Soros….liberals is a betrayal on Canada.

    • He wasn’t an immigrant, he was born here.
      His Charter Rights were stepped on.
      Even the UN recognizes him a CHILD SOLDIER!
      He didn’t sue the Americans because that is not HIS GOVERNMENT THAT THREW THE KID UNDER THE BUS!
      Stop being a sheep, do a little research before you embarrass yourself anymore!
      It makes you sound like you don’t like brown Canadians, rich people and believe everything you read. Get an education, and try, just try to act like a decent Canadian that welcomes diversity. If you can’t do that, I suggest packing your bags and moving south. Mr. Trump would appreciate you!

    • You seem to know Omar pretty well. Have you ever met him? Were you there on the field in combat? Do you have any proof of any of the things you are claiming?

  9. Umm- great article, previous commenter might wish to read some other articles, one I found very good with pictures from the scene, where Khadr was buried under rubble so deep they did not know he was there until they stepped on. The thought was the dead sniper beside him threw the grenade. I was lucky to listen to Mohamed Fahmy last week, and one thing he said from his in jail interviews with terrorists ( when he was being wrongly held) was that their feelings were that they were freedom fighters against a highly more trained and armed oppressor. Gave me pause it did. I do not believe fighting hate with more hate and arms is the way- we must figure out a better way to educate and monitor in our own countries as well.

  10. The only point I have, and this is a big one, why does that deserve 29.2 times the amount a family receives for getting killed defending us?

    • What happened to Omar Khadr was denied his Constitutional Canadian Rights! Our men and women who serve don’t get their rights walk on. You can hardly compare the two, they are not the same issue, at all!

  11. If this young man had blond hair and blue eyes, we would never had to have this conversation. Canada threw a CANADIAN CITIZEN under the bus! My very white looking son would never been allowed by our Government to be sent to Gitmo. Harper should be ashamed of himself, along with all the other who thinks nothing of what was done to this young man.

  12. The current “payout” for a military member whose death occurred while in service or of a service related injury is $360,000 – Explain 10.5 million to the families of Ed Rodger, Jimmy Hill, , Bob Dorrington, Tex Wheeler, Don Ferriss and all the other members adversly affected by the deliberate retention of asbestos in the ships they sailed on. Not all these families received that amount, it just happens to be the amount now set out by Veterans Affairs. There is a document filed in Ottawa explaining the reason asbestos was not removed from those ships – it was cheaper to pay conpensation than to remove it. Yes Mr. Khadr was denied his rights and yes we owe him an apology and some compensation. I think 10.5 million is a bit excessive given the amounts paid to residential school survivors and the families of our military and RCMP who succumb to asbestos related cancer. No amount of money will bring back Ed, Bob, Jimmy, Tex or Don and I as Bob’s widow am grateful for the amount I did receive. But it still feels like a slap in the face to see Mr Khadr sue our government for what i understand was 100 million .Canadian dollars. Yes he suffered, so did those guys I mentioned. Have you ever watched someone die from asbestos related cancer? No I don’t have any idea what a fair compensation would have been – obviously someone came up with 10.5 million and felt it a fair amount. I just don’t happen to agree given the above mentioned.