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Opinion: Mayor’s Open House a small, smashing success — 6 Comments

  1. Excellent coverage, Britt, thank you. Modest turnout (as ever) but high-quality engagement with the Mayor — at least until the open mic session ended a bit abruptly after an hour with many questions still poised on hesitant lips (not surprisingly, people are shy in these public contexts and need encouragement to voice their concerns. Perhaps next time — and i’m sure this is the first in a perhaps quarterly or semi-annual series of talks with the Mayor — we could be invited to submit written questions ahead of time instead of on the spot. The traditional approach of folks queueing up at a standing mic could also be explored. These are quibbles only, because as you say it was a great evening that launches a new era of more open communications from the District — continuing, of course, on Thursday with the OCP Open House (3:30 to 6:30 p.m.) and the Talktober forum (7 to 9 p.m.), both at the Community Hall. PS No secret: District of Sooke advertising in the SPN is overdue and essential.

  2. What an excellent initiative by the Mayor of Sooke. This gives the public a chance to interact directly with the Mayor in a fairly informal fashion and is long overdue. Definitely a shift in the right direction! 10/10 for Mayor Tait doing this. (Y)

    I was also pleased to note that the Open house was announced well in advance through various sources.

  3. Yes, the conversations that Ive heard indicate that after some council and staff members have slapped people down for asking questions and speaking out they are a bit shy about speaking to District members. Councillor Reay’s lawyer wasn’t with her so thats a step in the right direction.
    Yes, more forums for discussion would be great. I saw the Sooke Mirror last week and I think they removed the ‘opinion’ section, at least I couldn’t find it. Cant see the District having an open comment section on their web page like the one here on SPN.

  4. One comment by Mayor Tait caught my attention. She remarked that the Community Plan Draft is being done by Staff. This she stated keeps the political aspect away from the project. This also effectively keeps the public away from the process. Never have we updated the OCP without the presence of a committee consisting of members of the public supported by Staff.

    • Gail Hall – working on the OCP without the public: this is an example of ‘open and transparent’ government that councillor Pearson keeps talking about – Pearson and the others need to go back and review what that actually is and what really is the meaning of democracy! Such a shame as I believed at one point that they were the same as us…..