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Overview of Council Meeting, March 13 2017 — 5 Comments

  1. Any Sooke resident have a megaphone to lend to Councillor Parkinson for her return if indeed she is on leave? In case the District of Sooke cannot get her microphone fixed?

  2. The Mayor wants to hear from the public about a %5 increase in taxes…NO! Please stop wasting our money. You can’t just spend on anything that comes to mind. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it.

  3. What would be the point??? Mayor council & staff don’t listen to anything that the public say!!

  4. Last week, the District of Sooke disingenuous’ conduct hits a new low…they made an application to the OIPC asking to them for permission to not answer my FOI requests – they claimed to the OIPC that my questions were ‘frivolous and vexatious’ (with never an example provided to the OIPC)….the OIPC opened a file…..when the OIPC called the District on the file, the District had decided not to pursue it and the file was closed.

    Every single one of my questions I have posted online here, with their lack of responses or their obvious delaying tactics…

    At the public portion of the meeting (I have been blocked from talking on-record by the District and ALL the councillors are aware – with no action) I brought this overt bullying of a citizen that is asking legitimate questions to them; I asked them to go through all the paperwork and find a ‘frivolous’ question and bring it to me – all questions had purpose whether DOS see it or not is irrelevant – and I will be contrite – they all had purpose!

    Mr Kasper explained that all these requests are handled in-house (possibly by the person the FOI is about) and that there is no local level of accountability……I find that unacceptable and I hope other citizens do too, as it may be you targeted next!

    So who is the bully – the ones that are running out of the room at hurt feelings or the citizen who is legitimately trying to ask relevant questions? How is Democracy being served by the actions of both?

    I will be asking them directly at the next public meeting for their findings on my ‘frivolous’ questions (and there are none as regular readers here know as i posted all of them); I want a formal apology for this clear and personal bullying and stamping on my Rights in a democracy to ask questions..this is an attack on Democracy, and Mr Kasper was for doing nothing (and I don’t believe he realized exactly what he was defending – the system not democracy).

    I hope the elected have had time to reflect since Monday and their seeing this disgraceful action of their staff and I look forward to moving ahead – hopefully with an open and transparent government…

    Mr Pearson and Ms Tait – both of you have shown interest in being the next Mayor, if this is not addressed now I will bring it up at election time…democracy and the ability to access information are very important and the public expects you to defend those rights of the electorate!

  5. Four intelligent comments on this issue, nice to hear Jen again! I hope you all will run for Council next time, this is the worst it’s ever been imo..