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Overview of improvements to Sooke Road: Ministry Open House — 4 Comments

  1. Not a popular thing to say, but a close look at the galloping Goose route for a second 2 lane road to Sooke might be the least costly.

    Sorry about the nasty thought!

  2. The turning lane onto Sooke River Rd. will have to be massive during school hours. Kids don’t walk to school any more. The traffic going to the school brings everything to a stop! They will have to make it go all the way to the bridge.
    The last thing that the moms want is a traffic light slowing them down when they are trying to get their kids to school. Maybe a pull out somewhere to let the kids off before they go in there.

  3. Roundabout at intersection of Sooke River Road and Sooke Road please. Roundabouts slow people down and with the playing field and High School nearby a better choice than a light, I live just off Sooke River Rd and I am in favour of a roundabout which is much needed.

  4. I second a roundabout at Sooke River Rd, they are safer and create less congestion. For a second route in and out of Sooke why not build a bridge at Whiffen Spit? This would be a great option incase there is an accident at the bridge over the river and allow residents of East Sooke to easily access Sooke.