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Owner plans land preparation for pig feedlot in Sooke — 44 Comments

  1. Better than expensive condos that sit empty, or overpriced house lots cramped together disturbing the wildlife . Sooke is still primarily rural, many small farms in that area and down the road. The deer, bears, and cougars will definately prefer the pigs as neighbours.

    • Have you ever lived in a town where there is a pig feedlot? You would not be so supportive if you knew how badly those feedlots smell and the wind will carry that smell every where. Yuck. May have to move before it goes through as you will have trouble selling after.

    • I could not agree with you more, Scott. If he had done as the ALC told him to do, and his rep. had come with a land survey clearly showing what ALR Land Classification the land fell in he still would have had to go to the ALC folks first.

      It’s pretty simple, if the land legitimately falls into an ALR Land Classification that shows the land unsuitable for crops of any kind then – given its proximity to the core – he likely would have gotten his way. It’s pretty clear that’s not the case.

    • This guy doesn’t even live here and neither does Davidson.. but the realtor [name deleted -SPN] does. I can’t imagine what he is thinking, attacking Sooke residents with this. I don’t think anyone will be using him as a realtor after this. These realtors and the owner are all about money and the pig farm will reduce the value of the property. There is no way they will go through with it. They will need a whole crew to build the facility and hire staff to run it.

  2. I’m not against it per say. ..just would like it better if was a little farther out of the core. Unfortunately, it’s going right beside us and by Prestige hotel. …The smell that’s going to be blowing right into the town core is going to be horrible…no more ocean smell. It won’t be good for tourism here or anyone walking around town. …and what about the harbour ? With this feedlot being built on oceanfront property….what stops are being prepared for any leaking into harbour ? I’m thinking the long term effects if this goes through….and it will be t oo late to do anything about it.

  3. If they have proof that land is not good what’s wrong with them doing it the right way they go through the right channels and then maybe Council approve it not blackmail Council.

  4. Sooke is lacking space to build in the town core and that space is in the town core. His approach is totally off and someone that purchases land as ALR should not be able to make a bunch of $$ by developing it. Let him develop 1/3, give 1/3 to Sooke and make 1/3 parkland..win win win

  5. Call the bluff, then deny them a business permit over and over and over and over again; then toss the bylaw book at them and start writing citations for every minor infraction that can be found. If someone is going to play the politics game they have to be prepared to be out politiced!

  6. I would suggest the owner has no such plans but is threatening to do so by way of blackmail. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to run a pig feedlot.

    Here are a few examples:
    Conditions unfavorable to application
    14 Agricultural wastes must not be applied

    (a) on frozen land,
    (b) in diverting winds,
    (c) on areas having standing water,
    (d) on saturated soils, or
    (e) at rates of application that exceed the amount required for crop growth,
    if runoff or escape of agricultural waste causes pollution of a watercourse or groundwater, or goes beyond the farm boundary.

    17 Emissions from forced air ventilation systems used on a farm must not cause pollution.

    It would costs quite a bit to even go down the pig feedlot route for sure. I doubt if that’ll ever happen.


  7. You know he bought that property knowing full well the zoning. ALR is precious land. Bully tactics, put on your anti bullying pink shirts and stand up against bullying to get what you want!

  8. I’m glad the council didn’t approve his request, being threatened into it would be ALL WRONG. Bullying the community into getting your way is not what we need.

  9. so with all this ranting Davidson hasn’t even applied to the Land Commission. How is it right that Davidson and [name deleted – SPN] can threaten Sooke Council and the members of the public. Didn’t Sooke just invoke a new harassment policy? I think they should take them to court.

  10. I do not have all the details but it sure sounds like the landowner is trying to strong-arm Sooke into getting his land removed from the ALR.
    It is likely that if it is removed from the ALR it will become a subdivision almost instantly .
    Surely there must be other uses for this land excepting a feed lot or garden.
    When one purchases a piece of ALR land, that is what one purchased, is it not ?

  11. This guys is a zero and doesn’t even deserve the press he gets, I’m starting to think it actually might give him some sort of legitimacy. The less we hear about his ridiculous plans the better

  12. Looks like a political game where you have to follow the money to understand the question. Is Anthony Laughren an established pig farmer desiring to expand operations, or just a pressure player to crank another dollar on real estate?
    Pigs are okay, they are truly a great specimen of life on Earth. We welcome pigs but shun bullshitters. Different animal?

  13. All I have to say to Anthony Laughren is -FILL YER BOOTS […]. You bought ALR land and went into that deal with your eyes wide open. I’ll bet you bought that land with absolutely no intention to ever farm it but to simply cash it in on development. So put your big boy panties on buttercup and suck it up. Either farm it or move on and let someone else do it. We’re losing our farmland at a horrendous rate because of greedy land developers like you. Pretty soon there’ll be nothing left to farm, thanks to the likes of you. But you’d better remember this Mister Laughren when it comes to using animals as a “weapon” against our community so you can get your way, you’d better be damned sure you know what you’re doing and be prepared to follow the rules to the letter with that feedlot when it comes to health codes and animal welfare because some of us in this community are fully prepared to watch you and make sure you tote the line boy. And I’m pretty sure VIHA and the BC SPCA will back us on that one.

  14. Seriously…..leave this person alone!
    A couple points:
    – earning money in Alberta and spending/investing in Sooke is a GOOD thing, is it not?
    – balanced development is good
    – local farming is good, and should be encouraged

    – but we would rather import our pork (and other food) from China???

    I see no blackmail here. Only someone trying to spend their money in Sooke, and Sooke people giving them a hard time about it!

    The good Mayor seems to be handling this properly.

    Develop for housing, or raise pigs.
    Either is good for Sooke!
    But done through proper legal channels.

  15. We need pork and beef both in demand with limited supply. The world just ain’t right without bacon and if we can’t afford a steak bbq after work Friday I’m going to have to Move .