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Parked cars on expanded Grant Rd shoulder force pedestrians onto the roadside — 20 Comments

  1. Yup i agree Pierre. just looks like a paved shoulder. the cheapest way/solution around the issue. People were so excited for a sidewalk. Unfortunate. All that disruption for that.

  2. …because to park in your driveway is such a hardship…..
    On another note, I would like to see a firetruck navigate the newer subdivisions where people park on both sides of the road leaving a narrow lane in the center, while the driveway sits empty…doh

  3. I’ve lived on Grant for 26 years… and people have always parked on the shoulder in some parts of the road because they have short (or no) driveways. Thankfully I have a long driveway at my place and don’t have to worry… but not everyone is as lucky.

  4. It cost 95,0000 for a paved shoulder !!!! Scratch your head again …..makes no sense I live on Grant and will have to walk on the road with my kids which is a 40 zone but people go 60 + completely unsafe

  5. Total joke and waste of money. Definitely just a big ” patch ” to a bigger issue. Grant Rd was designed for horse and buggies between hay fields. Things have changed but the Rd is still the same. The whole thing has to be redone. Isn’t it supposed to become part of the Sooke ” bypass” joke? Really when Sooke incorporated, it sure inherited a real mess from the CRD

  6. When I moved onto Grant Rd 8 years ago a Sooke councillor who lived on the road at the time said that a multi-use trail was part of the community plan. Not sure if this information is accurate at present…SPN do you know? It’s honestly a ridiculously unsafe road for all the school children that use this route to get to school and wait for the bus every morning. Vehicles speed down the road at all hours of the day and night despite the fact that the speed limited was lowered a few years back. If the district was the least bit concerned they would have upgraded the roadway by now as it is designated as the alternate route for HWY 14.

    • Hi Chris,

      The “Official Community Plan” is posted here: http://sooke.ca/wp-content/uploads/bylaws/400-OCP.pdf

      Sidewalks (actual concrete sidewalks) are identified in the contents and by the residents as priorities many times throughout the document. A search for “sidewalk” turns up 51 results, including under Action Items.

      Multi-use trails come up six times, including under Action Items.

      Increasing Transportation Choices, including an alternative to Hwy 14, is mentioned on Page 25. A Search for “Highway 14” turns up 24 results.

      This is a 212 Page document that needs an overview or summary. It’s a document from 2010, and was developed with a LOT of community input.

  7. A wider shoulder is a good idea and will make life a little safer. A sidewalk is not made of Asphalt! So called asphalt sidewalks look cheap and do not help improve the look of a neighborhood. A sidewalk should be slightly moved back from a road like Grant, raised and made of a different material then the road {concrete for example}. A good start, but more needs to be done on this road.

  8. An ongoing argument. A few years ago a bike / sidewalk was proposed for the kids to use to get to school down Rhodonite. The residents went crazy to stop it so they could keep their parking on the road. Now the kids have to walk and ride down the road with the cars inches away from them. We need Council to stand up for the right choices and not cave into a few bossy residents.

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