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Pay parking in effect at Sooke Potholes starting May 1 — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t agree with paying for parking in a public park as is now proposed for the Sooke Potholes. We already own the park, why should we have to pay to park in it ? The fee may start as a fairly low amount but I bet it will increase over time.
    This is the wrong time to start adding extra fees when many people have a had drastic reductions in income due to Covid 19.
    What portion of fees will be spent patrolling the parking lots ?
    In my opinion parking in public parks (and at hospitals) should be free .

    David Lintern

    • How do you think these parks are maintained? These fees go towards maintenance, and infrastructure. We are privileged to have the use of these parks, and the small cost of unlimited parking for $20 at 2 parks is minimal. Nothing is “free”. And FYI these fees have always been in place, at both Thetis and Sooke Potholes, this is not new.