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Petition calls for Christy Clark to abolish MSP premiums in BC — 6 Comments

  1. If those that can afford the higher premiums going to increase the number of Private clinics being staffed by the best doctors while everyone else experiences linger waits, less doctors…I think we need to step back and think about cause and affect before jumping on a bandwagon. The Liberals offered balance budgets during the elections and now we are talking billions of dollars in deficits…

    • Assuming MSP is abolished, it will simply be a calculation on your tax return, as it is in all other Provinces. This really is the only fair way to assess those who should pay more or less, i.e.; premiums or rather rates are assessed on income.

  2. Keith Baldrey Legislative bureau chief, commented on this petition and admitted that most if not all public petitions that get to the BC legislature and are tabled, sadly wined up in the recycle bin.

  3. Save BC taxpayers money by doing away with the administrations costs of not only running the MSP scheme but also the additional costs of chasing those that do not pay for reasons of their own choosing. Instead, add the premiums to personal income tax (on a pro rata basis) and let that income tax system use it’s tried and tested (established) method of chasing down non tax payers.