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Petition: Regulating marijuana dispensaries in Sooke — 63 Comments

  1. I’m no genius. I don’t even have an 8th grade education, and I don’t claim to know much about anything. But I’d like to respond to the contents of this article. Please see my responses sandwiched between asterisks.

    The article reads as such (Verbatim as to avoid any potential Straw Men Fallacies):

    “The purpose of the petition:

    The City of Victoria is actively working on regulating the operation of medical marijuana-related businesses. Most of current 35 dispensaries will be forced out of Victoria and they will be looking for a new home.

    *This is the City of Victoria and not Sooke and has no bearing or moral or legal authority over what another jurisdiction ought to do. If Victoria all of the sudden allowed assault rifles, would we also follow their lead? No. This claim on what Victoria is going to do is also presumed and not grounded in fact. Argument #1, defeated.*

    Our mayor is not looking into implementing similar Bylaw but will consider public input.

    *Good, leave the heavy lifting to the Federal Government. The last time I checked, Sooke didn’t have the requisite manpower and expertise to sort through intensively complex drug legislation. A small municipality shouldn’t get into this kind of thing at that level.*

    We already have three marijuana dispensaries, Sooke does not need more.

    *This is a baseless claim. We live in a free market economy. Lack of consumer demand should be the deciding factor. Obviously we need as many as there are given the demand. The issue here according to this complainant isn’t about ‘need’ so much as they do not ‘want’ any more of these shops, but as we’re sorting through, they give no valid reason for this position.*

    Protect our community! Request Maja Tait and Sooke Councillors to plan ahead and implement similar Bylaw!

    *This isn’t an argument as much as it’s rhetoric and mild hyperbole. What are we ‘protecting our community from, exactly? And what ‘similar bylaw’? Alcohol has demonstrated time and time again to pose the greatest threat to any community in terms of substance abuse related social problems, and yet, there is no petition for a halt to alcohol sales or vendors. Soggy half-argument, easily defeated.*

    The following regulations are proposed:

    No consumption on premises

    *Why? It’s their private property. What difference does it? In retort, I would ask the person who came up with this stipulation to stop wearing shoes on their property. This stipulation makes no sense without more being said about why this should be the case.*

    No individuals under 19 years old are allowed on promises

    *I can kind of understand this stipulation, but not really. The issue here is selling to minors or persons under a certain age, not whether or not they enter a premises. This is abated and avoided by the rules of sale. Nope, not air tight in terms of argumentation at all.*

    No tinted windows

    *Again, please, do not wear shoes on your property. Unfortunately, the owner of a property can use any kind of window they want and this should have nothing to do with what is occurring on their premises. If there is probable cause to assume criminal activity is taking place, then leave it to the RCMP to sort this out. This stipulation also makes no sense if the person who wrote it cares about ‘sheltering’ or ‘saving’ the children/community from the horrors of marijuana. You’d think they’d want them to hide it instead of letting all the kids see what’s going on.*

    Hours of operations from 7am to 8pm

    *Why? Now you’re just asking for arbitrary conditions that have no bearing on anything in particular and make no sense.*

    At least 200 meters from schools, daycares and other dispensaries

    *I can understand the proximity from schools etc, but it’s not that strong an argument. They’re selling weed to people, not re-enacting Escobarian shoot-outs in Medellin.*

    Please follow this link for more details.

    Still in doubt?

    *Yes, incredibly so as no compelling argument has yet been mounted to substantiate any reason to petition such a thing. And since major studies have been published supporting medical marijuana, it is almost against the grain of current scientific epistemology and medical ethics literature to argue your position.*

    Please answer these questions:

    *Ok, I’ll do my best*

    Do we really have so many “patients” with doctor’s prescriptions for medical marijuana that we need more dispensaries than pharmacies and grocery stores?

    *Who knows? Who cares? Why is the amount of dispensaries compared to other kinds of stores? Is the insinuation that there are too many because there aren’t enough of the others? That could be it, perhaps we need more of the other kinds of stores to even things out? The ‘vibe’ of this comment is such to say that people aren’t using it for medical reasons, but rather for fun. So what? If this is the argument, then we ought to limit liquor, sex, chocolate, McDonald’s etc. Another empty argument in the form of a rhetorical question.*

    Can you name 5 parents that say “It is fantastic that we have all these dispensaries around!”?

    *Who cares what 5 parents say? Can you name 30 Helen’s that agree that you can’t spend too much on a good pair of shoes? I’m sure you can, but this doesn’t mean that anyone ought to follow that advice or take it as a moral imperative. As long as the weed stores are minding their own business, then there just isn’t an issue.*

    Why some dispensaries are open until 11pm?

    *Why are some gyms open all night? Why is that music store on the corner always closed but always has a sign saying it’s open? Why do things fall down instead of up or sideways? Why did Grizzly Adams have a beard? Yet another leading rhetorical question masquerading as an argument. It doesn’t matter what time they open and close. But if the insinuation here is that those evil pot smokers are buying pot late at night and this somehow makes it even worse, you’ll have to provide a more compelling argument.*

    Do you think 2 dispensaries close to Route 14 will never ever be competing against each other to get new “patients”?

    *Who cares if they are or not? What does this have to do with anything? And you didn’t need to use both ‘never’ and ‘ever’, never would have sufficed.*

    Do you agree that dispensary on the Castle plaza is not targeting high school kids?

    *Yes, they’re not? What evidence do you have to support this claim? Unless there is evidence, I would be careful at making accusations.*

    Just to be clear, we are NOT lobbying against the medical marijuana, just asking to regulate it.

    *Excellent, it will be regulated soon by your elected Federal government!*

    Very sorry, but I can’t sign this petition because it did not provide sufficient argumentative reason to do so. I do however respect your position, I just cannot support it.

    • Your grammar leads me to believe that you have more than an eighth grade education…….You even used ‘their’ in the right context. : )

    • Lee Hurst No, I just read a lot of Archie’s on the can over the years. And I don’t even care about this issue, I don’t smoke the stuff, so I don’t even have a dog in this fight. I only wrote this because nothing pisses me off more than bad logic.

    • Thanks for the detailed response! My biggest thing is the selling to under 19 year olds. I think the best thing about legal cannabis and dispensaries is that we don’t have to go to a freaking drug dealers house, who knows what else they sell. Getting cannabis as a 16 year old kid isn’t easy, often they’re walking into strangers houses and getting offered other drugs. At least we know what a dispensary is dispensing

    • UGH thank you. These are all the things I said in my head as I scrunched and contorted my face in confusion reading this “petition”. I have no interest in MJ but this is all nonsense.

  2. So one of their questions are: “Do you agree that dispensary on the Castle plaza is not targeting high school kids?” Yes, absolutely. To the point that could be construed as slander/defamation. The Castle Pub was there long before the high school was ever built. So, the question could be asked, why would the School district build a school so close to a pub? So, according to the petition organizer, the Castle apparently guilty of targeting high school kids because of their vicinity? Those are nothing but reckless, inflammatory comments and have nothing to do with said petition.

    • I don’t think they’re targeting the highschool at all. I believe the owners of the castle are the owners of castle naturals. Why would they open a new location when they could bring in extra business in and extra room attached to their current business?

    • Why do you care how many dispensaries we have? Is it affecting you in some way? Perhaps if you educated yourself about marijuana, you’d be less concerned about something that is none of your business.

  3. I don’t see any problem with dispensaries. It’s free enterprise, if they don’t have enough customers, they will close. If you must fuss about something, fuss about all the kids smoking in front of the school! Now that’s a problem!

  4. People abuse prescription and non prescription drugs, alcohol to the point of no return..All the time. Should we be then closing down the liquor stores and drug stores ? This is by far a more pervasive problem then medicinal pot will ever be.

    Ridiculous fear mongering petition …that will just drive this valuable service underground and put it in a class with drug dealers, which it is NOT.

    • Yeah, I personally know people who are getting off prescription/street drugs with medicinal marijuana, a couple gel caps with some oil in it… better than mixing clonazepam and meth together…

  5. It isn’t hard at all actually to find 5 parents in Sooke that would appreciate a dispensary. I’m sure the only complaint would be prices. Alot of people smoke pot, plain and simple. Those that complain are usually the loudest though.

  6. They don’t just smoke it, they also consume it.
    Everyone has a preference of where they like to eat. Maybe one makes better pot brownies or cookies than the other one. Everyone brings something different to the plate.
    You like to have a choice in food, same thing.

  7. Get a life if you want change start with the homeless I guess there is to many wine stores in sooke and liquor stores oh yes and to many charity second hand stores
    And way to many coffee shops for you you can always move to a safer place lol

  8. No offence meant to anyone, but this is the most stupid petition that I’ve seen.
    Melvis E. Buckwald pretty much nailed it with his response.
    The petition is full of arguments based one someone’s opinion with no facts to back them up.
    Although I don’t use marijuana myself, I do recognise it for what it is. It is a very effective medicine that is helping a lot of people with chronic pain and many other health issues.
    It shouldn’t even be classed as a drug. It’s a lot less harmful that alcohol or tobacco and probably less harmful than eating at McDonald’s (although that doesn’t stop me).
    I don’t even think it should be regulated, as that would only ensure that the government would tax the crap out of it to make sure they get to make money from it.

    I say leave well enough alone, and don’t try to create problems where there aren’t any.

    If any problems arise in the future, deal with them at that time.

  9. Soooo…..if you were having seizures, or have cancer or some other horrible life threatening illness would you not want to feel better?? If medical marjuana helps ease the pain then why wouldn’t you want to try it?? STOP picking on the Castle….Collette & Bonnie are very knowledgeable and only supplying a service to help with pain management!!! Give them a break they are doing a service if you don’t like it no one is forcing you to go in there! It has been proven to help in alot of different things…get your head out of your asses and get with the 21st century! I am pissed that so many people have such negative opinions….walk a day in a “sick” persons shoes…how would you feel????

  10. Accusing the dispensary at the castle of targeting high school kids is horribly misinformed and downright stupid. This whole thing is misinformed and stupid. “Could you name 5 parents..” Who do the petition makers think are using the dispensaries? Mostly adults- many with children and grandchildren. Shame on Sooke PocketNews for helping spread this nonsense.

    • A petition with 20 signatures isn’t news (now 33, but 20 when this was posted). A 20 signature petition on anything isn’t news. It’s an attempt to stir up some facebook interactions by reporting a controversial minority opinion under the guise of news. If 10 more people ‘like’ my comment, does it reach the threshold for what is considered newsworthy?

  11. All dispensaries have posted age minimums. Perhaps before putting together such a petition, some leg work and research should have been considered. Melvis’ response should be submitted to Council with this ridiculous petition.

  12. My god. The only harm this will do to our community is our local pot dealers will now have less clients. People can hate something that cures MULTIPLE symptoms of MULTIPLE problems so why not have MULTIPLE stores/choices for these people?! Do you loose sleep over it at night? Cause if so you can get a prescription for something to help with your insomnia

  13. Give me a break this petition is stupid. How about you petition pharmaceutical companies to stop paying off docs everytime we get a prescription. Right..because marijuana is more dangerous than percriptions? NO. Nobody has ever died or had significant harm from marijuana. Pharmaceuticals on the other hand…

  14. Absolutely they should be regulated. The product is still illegal. These illegal dispensaries should be shut down just like any other business that operates without a business license

    • I disagree with this petition. BUT shame on sooke pocket news? Seems a bit of misplaced upset. Reporting a petition that is going around our town is simply that- reporting. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean the news outlet shouldn’t report it.

    • Ya no shaming SPN please, do you know what news sources do? They give you the news and what’s happening in your community. Unfortunately this is the shit that is happening here. Pretty sure SPN had no opinion on this matter they are just doing their job. Just throwing that out there. If anything shame on the writer of this protest for not making any valuable points or doing research on the matter at all.

    • The worst that can happen is that they might start calling each other “DUDE”. No big deal. 🙂

  15. pot was around when i was in my early teens, that was 50 years ago, this petition bites

  16. Only someone uneducated on the subject would petition for more regulation. Just leave it alone. If some one wants to sell or buy pot, then whatever. if you don’t like marijaunna don’t smoke it, there are a lot more serious issues in your community then regulating entrepreneurs selling plants.

  17. If we can all agree this is a medical dispensary, for patients with LEGITIMATE health concerns, why would they close early? The people using a natural source of medication aren’t able to control what time of the night their symptoms are going to flare up. If a liquor store can be open till 11pm which has no medicinal benefits to it, don’t you think someone suffering should be able to walk in the dispensary at 10pm.

  18. Maybe a petition for some warning lights at the cross walks in town core,would do more good,leave the pot shops alone maybe the competition will bring their prices down