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READER’S TIP: Planned Hydro outage will affect Sooke to Port Renfrew Aug 13-14 Aug 13-14 — 10 Comments

  1. so glad to help…btw BC Hydro did send out a notice, we received ours yesterday–but were supposed to get them around July 28th–however the info in the notice was completely wrong! It gave the wrong date (Aug 11) and the wrong place, 13630-13680 84th Ave–when I tel BC Hydro they said no outages were planned there, and this address is in Surrey! So if BC Hydro is outsourcing its notices we need to stay on top of this because the info they provide us can’t be trusted without calling them and confirming with a real person….cheers

    • Helene! I tried to email you back to let you know I was posting this article but it kept on bouncing back!! Thanks so much for the lead and letting everyone know. I soooo appreciate your input, always. -Britt

  2. Hi Britt, don’t know why there was a prob w/my email address, have had it for yrs…anyway fyi I emailed John Horgan as it occurred to me has Hydro done anything to rectify their mistake i.e. inform all 803 affected customers of the actual time and date of the power shutoff? I also suggested we should be compensated in some way for ex given credit for time without power. I also said I’m concerned for customers who have medical issues requiring electricity, meds that need refrigeration; and what about spoiled food, etc.? Not everyone can have a generator due to living arrangement and/or cost. I think points out why so many of us are frustrated with BC Hydro, which has been turned into a corporation by the BC Liberals when it should be a Public Utility. The whole Jordan River fiasco and the Site C Dam come to mind…

  3. We’re in Shirley and received a notice from BC Hydro. Ours says Where: 13630-13680 84 Ave; When: Tuesday, August 11, 2015; Time: 8:00am – 6pm. Nice of BC Hydro to let us know about this outage planned for Surrey. Would be nicer if they sent one with the information about the outage in our area though.

  4. I do hope the people making the system improvements are more competent than the people sending out the notices.