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Point/CounterPoint: Two views on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project — 4 Comments

  1. We had a referendum here in Sooke. Is there a document that has been sent to Mr. Trudeau stating that we are against more tanker traffic on our coast? Please Mayor and Council speak up on our behalf

  2. I am part of the lucky ones that are not held captive by the oil state. I drive electric and heat with wood. Notley is being a bully and trying to push a pipeline through that many do not want. I myself am not against oil, however I am against them sending raw product overseas. I also don’t agree with raw log exports. Bitumen is difficult to clean up if there is a spill, and the toxic chemicals that they have to dilute it with are not great either.
    Stop selling out Canadians for a fast buck!

  3. Why is the government not putting all of this effort and money into businesses that develop renewable and sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind and don’t put our coast at risk? Would that not be a better way to advance our economy without putting so much at tisk.

  4. I think a complete restructure of Canada is in order.

    It is NO LONGER a Commonwealth but a conglomeration of ‘special interest’ territories and districts. It began with Pierre Trudeau putting a wedge between French / English and progressed under Chretien to be more regionalised. Today it is East Coast, Quebec, Ontario, the Parries and West Coast.

    We now have monetary blackmail from regions draining resources to satisfy the politicians. Money from the pockets of hard working taxpayers being used to establish power centers and NOT for the benefit of the taxpayer. WE have become a Socialist / Fascist state under Communist manifesto of the Liberal Party.

    Now with the First Nations undermining all territories it is time to tear up the Indian Act act and stop the bleeding of monies to support discrimination. In this day and age, there is more opportunity than ever for First Nations to be self sufficient and self Governing.

    Canada should be realigned into 5 Regions with more North/South trade autonomy. Form an East / West alliance for the interest of National Defense and Trade and let the the Regions set their own inter trade decisions.

    Most of all get the Courts out of making any rulings on Government (voter) decisions. The single biggest problem facing Canada today are the Courts and Lawyers and their legal acts of treason against the people. (The MOST corrupt Politicians are all LAWYERS) Bring back Public Flogging and Drawing / Quartering to deal with treasonous Lawyers who interfere with the decisions of the People.