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POLL: The most effective way to deal with the rise of property crime in Sooke is to… — 13 Comments

    • Hi April,

      I have assigned an officer to look into Neighbourhood Watch and determine if if would be a good fit for Sooke.

      If you need more information, please give me a call – or I will report on this via local media by months end.

      S/Sgt. Jeff McArthur

  1. Neighbourhood Watchs are passive. If the RCMP won’t patrol our streets at night, we should. We should form a group of neighbours with shotguns and baseball bats to patrol our streets. I’ve driven around in the middle of the night with a bat in my vehicle on occasion when I can’t sleep and never see any RCMP. I invite the RCMP to join me, but that would mean they’d have to come out to Sooke at night, which they don’t do.

    • Hi Ron. I would be happy to speak to you about your concerns and lack of valid information about your RCMP Detachment. A word of warning about driving around with a bat and shotgun. If you do so you will be meeting up with my officers who do in fact work nights. You may not like the outcome.
      I invite you to call me and discuss your frustrations and gather some facts from the source. This will likely lead to a more constructive course of action on your part.
      S/Sgt Jeff McArthur
      250 642 5241

  2. more RCMP, more personal vigilance ie. lighting, cameras and letting your neighbours know when you will be gone for a day or two. and lastly neighbourhood watch program

    • Hi Lorna. Good suggestions. Please see above regarding neighbourhood watch.

      S/Sgt Jeff McArthur
      250 642 5241.

  3. Shadow West Security says, We have been advising the community as a whole for several months now, that we are available for nightly Residential Street Patrols, obviously there is a cost, but the more homeowners involved the lower the cost to all and Shadow West Security could have a guard in a Marked Security Vehicle on several streets for up to a 4 hour period

  4. I think there is a lot of untapped value in friendliness. By getting to know the people in your neighbourhood, saying hello and waving you are firstly being friendly but secondly you are singling out every one as an individual, rather than separating Us from Them. If a potential criminal thinks you know them or will recognize them they will be less likely to engage in crime near you. Certainly there will be substance abusers or peole who are not thinking clearly but friendliness could rule out a lot of premeditated crime pretty quickly.

  5. Wow great to hear the RCMP members are working in Sooke at night. This must be a new thing! So glad to hear it. We used to have a COP- Citizens On Patrol group that drove around at night. Not sure if they are still active. A Neighbourhood Watch program was proposed a couple of years ago with support from SS Wright and other agencies but the Sooke Emergency Program didn’t adopt it. I like Dave’s idea of neighbours looking after each other.

  6. In my view there is no one ‘single’ solution.

    More RCMP night patrols would be nice however, even that would not be a complete solution to the issue.

    A combination of neighbourhood watch, locking up vehicles and buildings, plus property owners adding extra lighting and video security systems will all contribute to an overall safer community.
    Complaining about the perceived lack of RCMP patrols, but contributing nothing else to help out, will be of little use to you or you neighbours.

    I also applaud S/Sgt ‘Ron’ (oops I mean Jeff!) McArthur for taking the time to respond here. Much appreciated!