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POLL: How prepared are you for the Big One? — 2 Comments

  1. I voted: ‘My kits (home, work and car) are all in place’.
    Living on Vancouver Island should there be any other way you are voting?

    We have been here almost three years now. We moved to Vancouver Island from the Algarve Portugal. The area of Portugal we previously lived in was also an earthquake zone, we had a emergency earthquake kit prepared in House/Work and in the car. It’s also one of the first things we did when we moved here. Starting stocking up on essential items to use in an emergency should the need arise.

    Since we have been here there have been a few earthquake related rumbles (not referring to explosives being used locally in the USA) similar to those we experienced over 10 years in Portugal. I rest a little easier knowing that, when we feel a rumble and should it turn into the BIG one, we can feed ourselves for weeks, have plenty of candles, batteries, a means to cook boil water/stay warm for weeks, plus plenty of water on site. We have a couple of 1st aid kits, 1st aid training, utility knives & other tools, flashlights, batteries, standby generator etc. No! We are not doomsday preppers, but we are prepared in some small way for what nature (or BC Hydro for that matter) may throw at us 😉

    When there is a small quake as felt the other night, the media (CBC/Facebook etc.) goes into a discussion frenzy covering the preparedness of locals for such an event. It is then that I realise that there are people around here that just haven’t bothered to prepare in any small way at all!
    What is more of concern is there must be some parents out there that haven’t prepared an earthquake kit. They may have young children at home who will be relying on them to keep them warm (look out of the window today to see what temperature the inside of your house could drop to with no electricity or gas to heat your home). Those kids would also need feeding, have cuts treated, and to be able to see at night when moving around the house… that is if it is still standing! Imagine if your house collapses, you need a kit to take with you to temporary shelter (or friends house) as you may not be able to rely on them being able to feed everyone or have sufficient heat or warm blankets to keep people warm. So you should bring something useful to the party!

    It seems that we have, at large in the Sooke region, responsible adults with or without families who still haven’t made any effort to be ready for the big one! It might not come for 500 years, it may come tonight!

    In the case of such an emergency, who in their right mind feels that there is no need to be prepared, even in some small way, to look after themselves without local government support, for a few days whilst publicly provided services (water/gas/electricity etc.) return to normal?

    You should have a kit. You don’t have to buy a commercially prepared kit but at least make a start. Buy a plastic trash can and gradually load it up with non perishable dry/tinned food/water, tin opener, multi tool knife, first aid items, a flashlight (LED bulb is better), LED lantern, a couple of boxes of candles (they do not have to say ’emergency candles’ on the pack as you’ll likely pay more for the same thing. A small hand crank/solar rechargeable radio, a small gas camping cooker with spare gas canisters, spare batteries. Blankets, if you wish and anything else you feel may be of use.

    If you live in Sooke and there is a BIG one. It is highly likely that Sooke road will be shut for many days, as may Gillespie and East Sooke road. The Pacific coastal route will likely also be shut. In effect, Sooke could be cut off from CRD (or any kind of) government support for a good few days. Food will run out pretty quickly!

    Yep! At the risk of repeating myself once more…. sometimes you need to do that 😉 …..
    If you haven’t done so already, get an emergency kit ready. Add some basics to it.. 1st aid kit and non perishable/tinned food for starters. You could do that today!… or put it off… but for how long 24hrs/3 days/a month/a year? You owe it to yourself and, if you have them, your kids to be prepared now!

    You might never use the earthquake emergency kit in your lifetime… but there again you might just need it tonight!

  2. How prepared is Sooke with an alternate road out of here ???? If we are stuck in Sooke anyways what is the point of a kit if we cant go any where with it ? … I have plenty at home to survive on .