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POLL: How well are Sooke’s current mayor and council doing? — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Britt, an impossible question to answer, for me at least. Mayor Tait has been away the last five months, of course, so I wouldn’t want to pass any judgements at this point. A year to 18 months from now would be a better time for this poll. But thank you regardless. SPN continues to be liveliest source of news & views in Sooke. 🙂

  2. I partly agree with Jeff, in that the mayor should not be included in the poll, but because there are so many incumbents with a consistent track record, I don’t think it’s too early to judge their performance at all.

  3. Please correcy me if I am wrong…my understanding is that you do not need to sign a Delegation form in order to speak at the Committe of the Whole ( COW ) during the Public Input at the end of this meeting. The topic does NOT need to be on the Agenda to be heard. Each individual is limited to 2 minutes each and the Public Input is for 10 minutes…so 5 people, 2 minutes each…

  4. Was just thinking with ,I believe only 2 staff been replaced out of 5 that we should be putting the savings of salaries monies to paving Sooke soccer parcade..all those pot holes. Can see an accident with the small ones. Food for thought. Where are the savings of those salaries going?

  5. I feel it’s unfair to combine Mayor Tait’s performance in with council as Mayor Tait has been on maternity leave for many months. For that reason I won’t respond to the poll.

  6. Based on: ADDED 10:34pm Monday Feb 22, 2016: The current mayor is acting mayor Kerry Reay; before her it was councilor Kevin Pearson. The elected Mayor (currently on maternity leave) is Maja Tait.

    I have now voted.