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Poll: If Sooke were a town in the US, for whom would you vote? — 20 Comments

  1. Bernie seems to be the lesser of all the evils. While I feel the others have personal agendas or direct ties to corporate lobbyists t, he at least seems genuine (by comparison).

  2. I now know, if they are being honest, that there are at least three people who answered this poll who a) scare me and b) make me happy they aren’t voting in the states (I hope).

  3. Clinton. Sanders is an old geezer who is just angry. Trump, well, nuff said. Cruz is phony. Kasich is actually normal,(for a Republican) but too far behind.

  4. Recently Hillary told people to do their research in an attempt to minimize and undermine Bernie’s supporters. Well, guess what? They did.
    Yes, social media is not only for itunes and games, but for important participation in democracy and society.
    From childhood, Bernie has stood up for human and civil rights for all people, and for the environment of the planet. He has been arrested working for equal housing for African Americans, he marched with Dr. King. He’s spent decades filing bills and amendments and speaking in Congress to help poor and working people.
    What did Hillary do? Join the Young Republicans and campaign for Goldwater while at SWellesley, the man who voted against every civil rights and social security bill brought before LBJ. IMO she is and always has been a Republican.
    The Clinton Foundation acts as a personal bank for the Clintons. In 2014, according to the tax forms she released, they were given over $150 million by corporations and billionaires. How much of that money in 2014 went to their wonderful charitable orgs? FIVE PERCENT. Guess what? FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT was invested in Mutual Funds. The rest went to operating expenses and salaries. In previous yrs, the Clinton Foundation bought up real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.
    When Oscar de la Renta died recently, it came out he has a vacation resort/home in the Dominican Republic. There, every Christmas, and at other times throughout the year, certain people were always invited to join him and his family. Do you know who they are? BILL and HILLARY CLINTON, HENRY KISSINGER and his wife, CHARLIE ROSE and his partner, and BARBARA WALTERS who is a Republican. No wonder Hillary likes to brag how much Kissinger thinks of her time as Secy of State. How many countries were overthrown by the US govt while she was Secy? Especially in South and Central America? How many environmental and human rights activists have been murdered by the US govt in these countries, including Honduras? Why did she support the War in Iraq? Imo she is a war criminal and should be in prison w/Kissinger.
    Why won’t Hillary release her transcripts of her 6-figure speaking engagements at Goldman Sachs etc?? Why won’t she answer the question?
    How does she have the chutzpah to say she supports $15 min wage which imo is still too low, it should be at least $20? She never did.
    The 1994 Crime Bill is called the CLINTON CRIME BILL and made possible privitization of prisons in the US, it’s now one of the most profitable industries there–guess who has stock in these companies? And guess who is on the board of Walmart? Yep–Hillary. Walmart whose pay is so low their employees are on food stamps and can’t even afford to buy anything in Walmart.
    Obama admitted this week that Bengazi is the worst thing that happened during his presidency. So that means Hillary is the worst Secy of State he’s had as well.
    Gee, Hillary wasn’t invited to speak about poverty at the Vatican, wonder why? IMO this is an implicit means of support for Bernie by the Pope, and Bernie was met with HUUUUUGE crowds in Rome today, they were so excited to see him.
    Billary have always been tools for the greedy corporate state. Marian Wright Edelman of The Children’s Defense Fund, which Hillary loves to talk about, does NOT support her, and in fact has said Hillary has exaggerated her role there.
    This week Clark and the Liberals chose to shut down a bill by NDP Leader John Horgan to take corporate $$ out of BC politics campaigns and fundraising. So if you think all the stuff happening down in the US doesn’t affect us up here, and isn’t insidiously creeping up here. think again. Clark and Hillary are cut from the same cloth, self-serving egoists who don’t give a s**t about kids, families, the environment, and anyone who isn’t a millionaire or a celebrity. They are evil, vile and despicable.
    Only Bernie has the guts the heart to tell the truth, to give the US one last chance at having a true democracy. If he doesn’t become President, and any one of the others do, this will spell doom not only for the US, but the rest of the world. Dr. Strangelove will seem like a black comedy by comparison.
    Helene–out. Peace.

  5. Bernie Sanders all the way sure he’s old but he’s got a open mind and fresh ideas and outlook on alot of things and hes the only one I would trust 🙂