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POLL: Tim Hortons in Sooke — 32 Comments

  1. There are Tim Horton’s coffee cups tossed all over the place here (I know because I pick them up when I walk my dog) and we don’t even have a Tim’s yet …

  2. I do not know one person that stops in sooke before heading into town for work. Everyone picks there’s up in Langford or colwood so don’t think it will hurt local coffee shops everyone has there own coffee tastes

  3. Burger King profits by low wages and large business tax breaks and foreign ownership taking out small business owners again!
    Why do we want or need it here?

  4. After I found out that Humans (bioliogicaly) are not really conducive to Old Age Health, with Sugar…. blabhablahll… but I heard , though that Tim Hortons is probably owned by another corporations beside a canadian…. way. $$$$ I might be wrong…. but I would rather see the younger generations in Sooke, (so , some will travel and immagratre to different provinces, or countries)… but what I see, is ALLOW a TRUE ENTREPNEURSHIP with the younger generation and Make it….. I VOTE NOT no to TIm Horton’s (the hockey player) but I say NO — — I have to honour the T’sOuke Nations instead….

  5. BTW — Tim Horton actually wanted the *profits* to be contributed to the Children’s Hospital. It did not happen. Maybe at the beginning, but HEY Profits, go over Wishes. NAH No, Naw ! T’Souke. first, and we learn to learn.

  6. support LOCAL businesses, Tim Hortons multinational corp…we only drink coffee which is organic and supports local farmers/agriculture, fair trade etc…their food full of hydrogenated gmo sugar, chemicals, colourings, additives, completely unhealthy carcinogenic, heart disease, diabetes, etc., ate a doughnut once it felt like a stone in my stomach and seemed to take days to digest, never again!

  7. Big corp comes to town eh?

    After watching a CBC market place investigation it’s pretty clear that, despite saying they do, Tim Hortons don’t recycle their plastic lined coffee cups. That was proven twice on the Market place show. They offer recycling bins in store which customers use and naturally assume are recycled, yet Tim Hortons ignore the recycling phase and simply chuck the cups into normal landfill waste bins outside their store. Why? Because, in Tim Hortons eyes, it costs too much to recycle plastic lined coffee cups. Starbucks are just as bad.

    Read the CBC article below which also references a link to the CBC Marketplace show.


    Are people OK with that?
    Does Sooke really need that kind of corporate environmental ‘don’t really care’ approach?

  8. A lot of people visiting from out of town would go there and would miss the sooke feeling, it would benefit people later in the evening when the local coffee shops are closed.. May have to look for a new job if it happens

  9. it means more litter on phillips road, we need a deposit on takeout containers similar to cans and bottles