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POLL: Weigh in on the speed limit on Sooke Road — 8 Comments

  1. Just right BUT I think the designation of highway should be removed from Parklands to Grant road so that the school zones are 30 kms rather than 40 When children on highway.

  2. 60 may be fine on some parts of Sooke Rd but I’d like to see lower speeds in areas with driveways along sharp bends. It’s a highway and the commute to Vic can be a long one but honestly it’s not fun having to put the pedal to the floor to avoid being smoked every time you pull out of your driveway!

  3. It is just right. The road is not designed for faster along most of its route. The twists and turns, hidden drives, and pedestrians make higher speeds too dangerous. If you are commuting to Vic. you have to adjust your time for the distance and roads.

  4. I would say the speed limit is just right, if people would just drive it. Not 40… not 50…, but 60. Get up to speed and DRIVE for Pete’s sake.

  5. “Just right” – with option to speed up to 70-75kmph when the road ahead is clear and the conditions are dry. What’s needed are pullover lanes (mandatory if more than five cars are lined up behind you, as is the case elsewhere). And a message to tailgaters: BACK OFF and practice patience.

  6. There are some stretches where 60 is just right, and others where it could be safely increased – but it likely wouldn’t be practical to post speed limit changes for each stretch. So 60 is probably the right number to play it safe. I fully agree with Jeff that designated pull-over areas are needed for slow drivers to allow others to pass, and signs encouraging them to do so. The dangerous driving that results from frustrated drivers stuck behind the 50kph crowd puts everyone at risk. In fact, pulling over to let others pass is recommended on the BC Driver’s Test when someone is tailgating you, and to prevent aggression in other drivers. But the message clearly needs to be better disseminated.