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POLL: Weigh in on plastic shopping bags — 9 Comments

  1. Ya, the Sooke Transition guys want a recycling place here to make usable stuff out of things that we put in the land fill. There used to be one out Keating where they made plastic lumber. As you can see from the poll, people want free plastic bags and they don’t want to pay to have them taken away as garbage. Didn’t need a poll to see that coming.

  2. They should charge a small fee, as is being done most everywhere now. Yet the bags should be made slightly bigger and have a couple extra tabs on so they can be used as viable garbage bags (biodegradable of course) and tied shut.
    It works well in Korea, as part of their effecent refuse and recycle program.

  3. From the perspective of a small business owner, due to history you’ve been made to believe it is your obligation to provide one as a service to your customer. This is one more hidden cost that each consumer pays for and as costs keep rising, prices will increase or a businesses bottom line goes down. I think user pay is a great solution as at times a situation occurs when a protective plastic bag is required and handles are helpful.
    Obviously recycling options are required and driving your excess into Langford is not always practical.
    I look forward to seeing the outcome of this.

  4. I like Elissa’s suggestion…fee for a short period to get people thinking about it then ban them.

    A side note if someone knows the answer…plastic bags are provided for pet feces, yet they those aren’t supposed to go in the waste or garbage pickups…what are we supposed to do with them?.