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Brush fire in Harbourview area, Saseenos — 58 Comments

  1. Yes, there is one. Pics posted. Plane flying over. Apparently you can’t drive up there so have to call out. Glad it’s not as windy as its been lately.

  2. Yes, I can see it across from me It’s up quite high in the hills in the trees. A helicopter was just up there checking it out. .

  3. Thanks to all who posted their updates! The article is fluid and will be updated as we learn more.

    I’ve called the fire department, and Sooke Fire and Otter Point are in attendance, with Metchosin on standby. Wildfire Services (Ministry of Forests) are attending and assessing by air. CRD is controlling access.

    The Sea to Sea park (at the top of Harbourview) is closed to all hikers and bikers.

    Sooke can see the southern point of the fire, moss and debris are burning. This one they won’t be able to control by hand, was the last report by scanner.

    -Britt / SPN

  4. Britt…just wondering why the comments above are incorrectly timed. Throws the info off a bit. But as usual, thanks for the awesome reporting.

  5. Latest update from Sooke Fire Rescue Service: “#Sooke Fire Rescue Incident Commander staying on scene with BC Forestry and CRD crews until nightfall. Multiple helicopters still working the fire with additional 2 tankers and bird dog spotting plane. #Sooke fire crews returning in morning to shuttle water up Harbourview into Park.”

  6. I live right beside Sooke Elementary, the fire’s been slowly moving down the hill, haven’t seen any helicopters or water bombers in the past 20-30min, before that they were fighting it frequently… I heard that they will stop fighting it for the night?… Is that true? That seems like it might be unwise.

  7. Does anyone know if the fire is out yet?

    I’m stuck at work worried about the house/fam

    • Hi Scott, It’s still showing on the BC Wildfire page, I did take two photos of the smoke this morning, and the BC Fire Department did say 20 more firefighters were being added to the fire, so I presume it’s still burning.

      However, there’s no threat of an evacuation order. It sounds like the fire is contained.

      I hope that provides you with some comfort.


    • NVM GF updated me and apparently its out.

      Thanks for everyone that put their lives on the line both on the ground and in the air.

      I cant tank you enough.

      • Hi Scott, I just called the Sooke Fire department, and they checked with the chief. It is still burning at this point (1:50 p.m.), and there are still crews up there working on it. No concerns of evacuation at this time.