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Premier stands by minister’s decision to deny Landen quality of life medication — 136 Comments

  1. Not life or death?!?!?!! He clearly hasn’t done his research. Maybe he needs to hear from the parents of all the children that have died from this disease – including one from this province last year.

  2. What a lot of hogwash!!! This is not about the Premier or his statements. It is about ourselves as a species. I have read these posts and the fact that the patient is a child has no bearing on the fact that regardless of gender, age or social standing ALL people are entitled to the benefits that the Earth’s resources can provide. It is only under the act to obtain or the seeking of wealth do humans lose their humanity. I do agree that there has to be in place a system to research and evaluate the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals that are being distributed, but the monetary value should be a mute point when the drug in question can provide some degree of relief for the patient. Our society has reached a pinnacle and is in a state of decline when we put such a fictitious object i.e.; money, ahead of ourselves and our compassion and empathy towards ourselves or other living things on this planet.

  3. Unfortunatly this is what happens when your only choice in health care is the government, expect more of this with an aging population and shrinking workforce, it’s time to look at models from every other country that offers universal health care. And drop the idea that government is the only answer.

  4. Let’s supply meds to all the dope addicts and druggies around but not help a sick child! Says a whole lot about the mind set of our govenment doesn’t it?

  5. 70 years of pain and suffering ahead for this poor child and the government couldn’t find the ability to let him at least enjoy his childhood? Disgusting

  6. There is what about 13000 people in Sooke?If we all threw in 2 0r 3 bucks a month this little town could get him the drugs he needs.My question is why are these fuckin drugs so costly in the first place…….greed!


  8. I would rather a louder voice from the medical community defend why this one drug is the only option rather than politicians making the decision

  9. This isn’t the first time that pharmaceutical companies charge an outrageous rate for a drug, until something is done can this little handsome man use medical marijuana to help with his pain? It seems to help with so many others and would be easily accessible… anything to help this family.

  10. Ask yourselves one question…..why does a drug company actually produce something that costs that much? The average person or family can’t afford it, so who is going to benefit, what was the point in developing it. I don’t want to see a child or an adult for that matter in this situation, but he isn’t the only one so where and when does it stop. For those of you that want to lay blame and are being so critical please think again. As a parent, grandparent of course you are going to try all the way to the top, you are going to fight and push this is your family, but it’s the drug companies that you should be attacking use the media, social media everything that is out there to push them to make the treatments more available. If this snowball were to expend their energy on those that come up with the treatments it might work for everyone.

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