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Preparing for the roundabout in Sooke — 23 Comments

  1. Seriously – some people don’t know how to use a round-about, and this one has only one lane going around. What is hard about it. Yeild to the vehicle already in the circle then enter when safe and use your signals to enter/exit. The end.

  2. why do you signal to enter the round about when there is no choice but to drive in, the first video says not to signal to enter in single lane roundabout

    • Hi Beth. You signal left to eliminate any chance of miscommunication. You are either driving to the left or exiting on the right while travelling in a roundabout. Watch the second video, and see how crystal clear their signal lights are, leaving little-to-no room for miscommunication.

    • PS signalling is not for you-the-driver but for those around the driver. You know where you are going; you know you have no choice. Signalling communicates your intention clearly to others, so that they can incorporate your intentions into their own course of action. -Britt

    • if I am travelling from Sooke River Road to go to Western Foods I do not have time to change from left to right signal in time for my flashers to signal to the person behind me that I am turning,

    • If signalling adds to clarity for others, use them; if it causes confusion, don’t. Consider highway merges: Some people (like myself) signal right to go onto a highway ramp, and then signal left to merge from the on ramp into the flow of traffic. Then, consider driving past multiple driveways on the right while signalling that you intend to turn right six houses down, or in one km. Clarity for others is the purpose. If signalling helps others understand your intentions, use them; if not, don’t. -Britt

  3. People don’t even know how to explain how to use a roundabout. You don’t put your left signal on before entering a roundabout. Let’s cause accidents.

  4. Personally, I think this IS GREAT ! The human population of Sooke has grown, and many, and many drive to work to Victoria or Langford, or… but the Traffic is flowing through. This is a Great Way for the circle of traffic to flow. (The trucks too will rumble around… without stop and yield signs. ) Great Job !

  5. *Beth Baker why do you signal to enter the round about when there is no choice but to drive in, the first video says not to signal to enter in single lane roundabout* —- One of the important worker’s on this project is the SIGNAL person… last year, was it, one of their colleagues actually got killed by a driver who did not PUT one Their signals. And those folks (who wear the *X* sign…. means exactly that! —- they need to see your signals, etc. (They actually had to pass a test to do this job). ! ( I think they are all doing a great job – and my lights works on my own vehicle.). I honour all of them … and I learnt patience.

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