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Property value assessments are now available for 2018 — 4 Comments

  1. Krista Kosyra an increase in assessment does not automatically mean an increase in property taxes. Whether yours might increase because of your assessment depends if your property went up greater than the average. The various agencies that collect property taxes (the local municipality collects about half, school board, crd, transportation, library, hospital , etc are the others) each year in late spring set thei budget and then figure out what the mill rate (tax per thousand dollars worth of property) will be. When property values increase as dramatically as this year the prcentage rate will be adjusted down, it will not stay at the same rate as last year. Now with extra police and fire fighters and other expense going up, I suspect at the municipal level there will be an increase in the budget, I also suspect that there will be an increase in some of the other budgets, but not at the rate of the assessment increases.

  2. Couldn’t find the numbers for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area? We are out here. School District 61 might be hard to report since it includes so many municipalities, as well as most settled areas in the JdF EA.