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Proposed Murray Rd staircase to Boardwalk replacement may cost taxpayers $75,000 — 17 Comments

  1. Hire an individual woodworker to build the staircase – you’ll get a staircase that will last AND it won’t cost $75,000 – well, maybe it will now that you’ve said you’re willing to pay that price for a set of stairs!!!! I had a set of stairs redone and, trust me, it came nowhere close to $75,000 – or even $1,000, including paint and being painted!

  2. Why can’t we get a bunch of volunteers together to do it? I’m 70, fit and can still swing a. Hammer?

  3. Wow rolling tides, wow. That’s disgusting. Not a company Sooke wants to be hiring.
    This is unbelievable. Even if that was an accurate price, who did the tendor go out to. Were our local contractors giving an invite?
    Why doesn’t someone phone cfb comix and ask how this company operates. I’m at a loss for words my money pays for this. Complete joke

  4. For a 1/25th of that we probably could have just got some lumber at home hardware and fixed them ourselves the weekend after they broke. Hell, they probably paid more for signage saying the stairs where broken than it should have cost to fix them…

  5. In all fairness I don’t think there that far off. To properly do the stairway, with planning, materials, and then labor. I would say around 30. But just not rolling tides. Come on council, get some proper bids.

  6. Good for counsel to not approve without seeing the breakdown and other bid details. Lately they seem to have been led astray by taking staff recommendations at face value. After reading the attached documents I too would have concerns. The request clearly asks for firm price quote yet they want to award an open ended contract. Seems odd to me and as one who works in the procurement field

  7. Why not get the low cost prison labour to build new steps? If properly supervised by a licensed carpenter, where is the problem?

  8. i would be willing and able to swing a hammer, This is our town and my bet is there would be a lot of volunteers to make the stairs better than new.