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Province launches LNG strategy, Greens (and others) are less than impressed — 12 Comments

  1. LNG is a politically correct way of saying “fracking”. Besides creating methane around the fracking wells (a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2), it also uses vast amounts of fresh water (a necessary for life “commodity” that has grown quite scarce on Earth) which it irretrievably pollutes with a soup of toxic chemicals and pumps deep underground. This can seep into aquifers and can cause earthquakes. The toxic water then must be disposed of “somewhere”.
    Thanks, John for giving away our tax dollars to foreign owned conglomerates trying (futilely) to pump life back into the fossil fuel industry dinosaur irregardless of the environmental cost (it’s not their countryside, after all). This is NOT a “government that works for the people of B.C.”. As promised. The well worn “create jobs” rhetoric is nonsensical. Create jobs in developing renewable energy that actually might last and also might give people a sense that they are contributing to life, not destroying it.

  2. approving the Site C Dam with completely ridiculous claims, particularly caving into Clark’s attempt to have its construction so far advanced it cannot be stopped; now promoting LNG; imo the Greens have every right to bring down this government. The lessons learned here is how difficult it is to buck the spiderweb of current politics, with corporations actually seeming to run everything in actuality. Very sad. BTW having 16 year olds vote will not solve the problems. It’s David Suzuki’s birthday and still no provincial or federal plans to create safe non-polluting renewable energy.

  3. If it involves fracking, it is a no go. Fracking will prove to be the second biggest environmental disaster on Earth, far behind nuclear which is more devastating than all enviro disasters combined. We know the harmful results from fracking, why would we proceed? How would we proceed, by turning a blind eye and eliminate wisdom? If you plan to have children’s children how can you ignore the future?
    The jobs argument is bogus ~ there will be much greater job opportunity in sustainable resources, without destroying the Earth. Where is the light ~ hope we can see it in time.

  4. It’s amazing how money can blind some folks. It’s incredibly asinine that the mayor of Fort St. John can ignore events happening right in her own territory that are inhuman ~ toxifying drinking water just for one. The place could become uninhabitable if fracking continues. Please look at the bigger picture. Fracking must be stopped. If LNG depends on fracking then it it a non industry.

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