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Public Input, Council meeting takeaways April 10 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. It should be noted that Terrance Martin is an executive of the local Motor Cycle and off road group and has been trying to get access through this property for many years. He even ran for council to make changes for his group to get access to Sooke parklands.
    Yes, and about the $400.000. that Councillor Berger has been fighting to get removed from the Sunriver School so she can spend it on astro turf for her kids to play on, it should be stopped! This money was a deal that was made while Burger was on council and was to go towards a soccer field in Sunriver! The whole field, not just the turf.

  2. If you see a petition in support of a New Medical Health Centre please sign it. Without the peoples support the Province will do nothing.