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Public oppose cell towers — 12 Comments

  1. something new??…we must resist at all costs for no actual reason. We need to keep Sooke technologically, commercially and industrially behind everyone else as the future progresses

  2. Well, at least those opposed will have a more obvious reason to wear a tinfoil hat from now on. The NIMBY thinking out here is quite problematic.

    • perhaps I could pass your name on to the cell phone tower people and let them know you wouldn’t mind a tower on your property. Also, great that you were at the meeting.

  3. This is an exercise in cognitive dissonance.
    Public: “Our cell bills are too high – we need more competition!”
    Competition: “Great, we’re here – just need to set up some towers”
    Public: “We don’t want competition after all!”

  4. This confirms my belief that local crazies are the only ones who attend these meetings.
    Maybe phone a few people in Sooke and take a poll? Don’t let a minority of fools with nothing better to do on a Monday night decide what’s best for Sooke!

    • your comments are meaningless. You were not at the meeting. Those that were at the meeting were not crazies. They were caring, well-educated people.