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Reduce motorcycle crashes this summer — 2 Comments

  1. Ooh…. As a motorcycle rider I could really get started on this one. 🙂 It’s easy to beat up on drivers of other vehicles, but it’s not all about car drivers not looking or giving way either.

    I see many riders out that that have terrible road positioning techniques.
    Some are way too close to the centre of the road on left hand curves. A sure way to have your face adjusted by an oncoming large vehicle!
    Bad road positioning when riding on straight roads.
    Not boxing off curves correctly.
    Riding way too close to the vehicle in front in a no overtaking zone. (see this a lot!)

    Finally.. If you do have a trip down the road at (say) 50kph without your motorcycle (oops!) what is going to save you? Well that’ll be well made approved riding equipment/helmet and clothing/gloves.

    No matter how cool you feel – Shorts, T shirts, trainers and no gloves will simply not help prevent road rash down to the bone!!

    Ride Safe!