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Regular Council meeting displayed fine example of the money-shuffle spin, March 14 SPN Takeaways — 8 Comments

  1. What do you think we will get for April Fools Day? First people are mean spirited and paranoid for thinking there probably should not have been a job opening for Chief Corporate Officer in February. Then we are as above for thinking some person left a job in Edmonton to take the CO position because he was actually taking a brand new position. Then we were supposed to accept that really, everything would be better if the man did take the CO position and the new position was eradicated. And no job posting for the CO position. But it would still be mean spirited and paranoid to question this procedure and the intended outcomes.

    Then a hasty move to change a bylaw and fine speeches about serving the public only to find that due diligence was lacking in preparation of the bylaw amendment.

    I completely agree that if a bylaw isn’t serving the public good and intended purpose, it needs to be revised. But the public is supposed to have a say. Local government is where people should be most active and engaged so many thanks to the unelected people who care and pay attention. “Yes” to time limits on comments and exceptions to time limits where Council is asked and agrees. “No” to muzzling the public so people can’t talk to the whole council as they sit together. Not all opinions and business can be aired in a coffee shop.

  2. I’m very pleased to see that the CAO’s authority to hire Gabryel Joseph and simply have him ratified as the new CO was reined in and that the job will be posted for an open, transparent job competition. I seem to recall one or two people taking that position when the hire was announced. Good work, although I would have sided with Councillors Parkinson and Logins in a straight “no” vote, at least it’s formally a temporary appointment.

    I would think the next step on this would be to put some time bounding around getting the formal position description and posting formatted and I hope that’s not a process exclusive to the CAO since…unless Council mandates a completion date…I would not expect her to hurry a process that might well result in Mr. Joseph losing the position.

    Next, thank you Tina Hansen for putting the brakes on the by-law change due to insufficient notice. It’s off-putting that Councilor Kasper deliberately ignored a proxy request from Mayor Maja Tait via Councilor Parkinson to hold the motion for one meeting until she has returned. And, may I add, what a welcome return that’s going to be for some of us.

  3. Its great to see that dedicated Sooke residents and some of the staff have worked to put things back on track. With all the dictating from the lofty heights of our municipal hall it makes me wonder why the CEO and councillors like Kerrie Reay and Mr. Kasper didn’t know what the protocols were but were ready to forge ahead anyway.

  4. Thank you to Councillors Logins and Parkinson for not being bowled over by the Conservative Wave. Thanks to Gail Hall for rekindling her role as watchdog. Thanks to Britt for her excellent reporting. And finally….why does it seem like Councillor Bev Berger is always absent?