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Roundabout appreciations from Sooke Fax and Copy — 6 Comments

  1. I know I am probably going to cause a ton of anger on here… cause I am such a trouble maker but I love the round about. LOL. I am not being sarcastic either. I really love it. Even though not many now how to use it.

  2. At first I was against it but now I love it. Traffic flows fairly quickly thru Sooke Road at the round about. Oh and I love Sooke Fax. So glad they are here saves a trek to LA!

  3. I think the Round a Bout works very well. Would be nice if people singled but they don’t usually signal anyway. The big slow down is the light at Church Rd.
    I hear there is going to be another one at the new Tim Hortons by the school. I think Sooke River Rd. would be better but how would people get back on the high way after getting their coffee?