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Rumour confirmed, owner of Sooke PocketNews being sued — 6 Comments

  1. LMAO. Tim Durkin, the interim manager of SHH and Fugitive ( from US Attorney Southern District of Alabama) v Timothy Craig Durkin et al) appears to be quite the bloviating blustering bs’ing Fraudster.
    So where’s the money? With that alleged $700k why do vendors remain unpaid, employees credit cards used to pay hotel operations purchases and the employee remaining unpaid for doing so, artists unpaid and hotel neglected. And that 83 year old widow, has she been paid
    those tens of thousands of dollars she loaned Durkin and Rodger Gregory
    That lawsuit is frivolous and a coverup for an inept Fraudster and con (see US v Timothy Craig Durkin et al)
    That Durkin filed the claim himself ( pro se) suggests no credible attorney would proffer the specious claim
    Get him on the stand SPN. A laughingstock will exposed.

  2. Did Durkin return the $1,000,000 he took from owner of the Spa at The Prestige Hotel?
    The Chinese lady investors lawsuit says she was buying shares in the Sooke Harbour House and got phony worthless shares in a Durkin phony business. Anyone know about this?

  3. Did any local publication make any statement that was not true?
    Seems that a return to Alabama would be appropriate, either voluntarily or forced.

  4. FACT** Canada’s Federal Court judgment is final and public. https://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/fc-cf/decisions/en/item/364010/index.do Please Paste in and read. Questions for appeal were denied in a later ruling.
    FACT** BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal made a final public judgment and orders. https://decisions.civilresolutionbc.ca/crt/crtd/en/item/363247/index.do Please Paste in and read. This is now a registered decision of BC’s Provincial Court.
    Both Canadian court decisions are insightful and firm.
    FACT** US sources are public and clear. Found many, including these 3: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdal/pr/four-charged-multi-million-dollar-ponzi-scheme and https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdal/pr/three-defendants-sentenced-60-months-each-their-roles-operating-multi-million-dollar and https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-11th-circuit/1873913.html ALL LINKS ARE TO PUBLIC INFORMATION. Individual is of course innocent until proven guilty and deserves opportunity to clear name.

  5. The Tim Durkin frauds, scams and cons in the area date back to the late 70s His latest M.O. is to scam the elderly, foreigners, widows, the disadvantaged and employees.
    He frequents Buffy’s Liquor Store most days, late afternoon or early evening, should you have any questions.
    Tim can spell ‘inept’ and ‘con’
    He may need help spelling ‘peculation’, ‘appropriation’, ‘swindle’, ‘zurullo’ or ‘Analverkehr’.

  6. What a way to clutter up court dockets with ridiculous accusations and lawsuits. Nothing I recall in the initial article was not pubic record. Why isn’t Durkin suing the US citizens and others? Oh that’s right he can’t!!!! He and his wife are fraudsters and have been doing this for a long time. That’s how their young son can produce all his sick movies Durkin steals the money from others. Can’t wait to go to this trial but I know he’ll be gone before that. No worries Sooke Pocket News you do a great job reporting. Glad you reported the truth about this lawsuit and Durkin.