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Scheduled admissibility hearing for Timothy Durkin obfuscated, observers on trial — 5 Comments

  1. Very good reportage on Sooke’s Patron Saint of Grift

    I am told that Mr Durkin is too immobile and obese to be transported by automobile to Vancouver and the alternative delivery by ambulance service was denied by them.
    Apparently he had refused to remit payment for a past invoice. A confirmation would be appreciated.

    If factual, the “Scotsman Tug and Barge Service” is offering to transport Mr Durkin to any of his future Court proceedings.

  2. Hoping this guy goes down and ends up in Prison. Really well put together article. Thanks Britt

  3. No surprise from Durkin, very predictable. So application tomorrow in my opinion is 2 fold, which is first delay and secondly some concern regarding anyone watching/viewing from outside Canada. His counsel specifically mentioned those potentially from the US, why would that be? They are not participants or witnesses but merely observers. Durkin’s counsel stated that access was guaranteed to Canadians but that right was not extended to anyone outside Canada. Could this apply to my viewing of Judge Judy and similar programmes broadcast to the public in the US and Canada and anywhere else in the world? I hope this doesn’t set a precedent.

  4. On point Britt… thanks for reporting the real deal about this conman! He’s conning the judicial system in Canada and trying to get away with it! He won’t in the US, the US victims are watching and will not be swindled… EVER! Good luck Durkin!

  5. This guy qualifies for a slimy politician. Lock him up before he wastes more tax dollars and destroys more lives.