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School dress codes: Is it time they went the way of the dinosaur? — 20 Comments

  1. I believe that a lot of students don’t dress appropriately. However as a mother of two girls I have struggled since they were very young to find clothes that were age appropriate in the girl section/women’s section. For many years my girls got shorts and pants from boys and men’s wear because they covered butt cheeks and were not low rider. On top of that I also know that teens have always pushed the limits when it came to clothes, I heard stories of my mother and her friends leaving the house in “proper” length skirts and on the walk to school the waist band was rolled up… I remember girls at my school changing in the bathroom, putting in more makeup…

    So I don’t agree with uniforms one because they are costly and many/most family’s can’t buy them and second is it going to help really…

    • Thanks Ryan. I caught that in the original article shortly after I posted it. I cannot edit the headline on this Facebook post though (a FB limitation), so I have to depend on the readers’ intelligence to pull me through on that one! I could delete and re-post, but then I would lose the thread. So, sigh, it must stay as is. Again, thank you! I depend on keen-eyed readers such as yourself to catch the occasional error. -Britt

  2. I don’t know if you actually listened to the news clip, but this isn’t about uniforms. It’s about changing the language of the dress code. It will eliminate the focus on expectations of “modesty” and will better reflect the need for equal rights for girls and young women in schools while teaching young men that those young women can make their own choices in how they express themselves through fashion. And I am all for that.

  3. Private schools that enforce uniforms have much higher success rates. Progressive liberals are never happy they just have to change everything espescially if it is something that advances our mind or body. Maybe they should allow alcohol in school too hey libtards and replace math and science with gender studies and racism 101 but it doesnt matter how high girls are allowed to wear skirts because the boys will soon all be allowed to hang out in their bathrooms/changerooms how dare we assume their genders. This world is just becoming a liberal wasteland

    • Their higher success rate has nothing to do with uniforms; it has to do with the very small class sizes and individual attention that students receive throughout each and every school year. Also a student has to thrive or does not stay in a private school, thus there are no students lagging behind that take a whole lot of each teacher’s time and energy to try and get them caught up with the others. It’s an entirely different classroom environment than what most children experience in a public school classroom.

    • Ehem. I doubt this is a “liberal vs conservative” issue as many of my liberal friends are in favor of school uniforms since it best prepares them for wearing uniforms of some sort or another in their early work lives ahead.

    • Jan is wrong about there not being any students who “lag behind ” in private education. I have taught in both private and public systems and have seen many students in private schools moved ahead despite not having a full grasp on the subjects being taught simply because their families pay a lot of money to have them there. Small class size and uniforms actually DO have a measurable impact on students level of academic achievement and should be considered.

    • I really feel like people are missing the point of this news item. This is not about uniforms or education. It’s not about politics or liberals versus conservatives. It’s not about gender fluidity or what bathroom is used and by whom. It’s not about students being left behind. It is simply about making a change to the language used by schools. It is a small but necessary change to how women are objectified by how they dress. It’s about addressing a culture of inequality and making everyone more aware and less obsessed with how small the straps are on women’s tank tops. It addresses rape culture that is ingrained in our youth from a very early age. It lets women know that they can be empowered by how they dress and lets men know that this is not the distraction that has been implied for decades. No matter what your politics or background, I can’t see how anyone would think this is a bad thing.

    • School just becomes more of a contest with who is cooler than who. Aside from your assumptions associating rape culture with it like a true neo liberal would. Its about the way I remember feeling in school thinking more about social status than education. This is not an issue at all with uniforms it takes that whole distraction away and you can cherry pick whatever small factoid statistic about the odd kid in a private school that gets bad grades but the overall stats favor what I am saying. Good day to you all.