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OpEd: SD62 Board of Education stuck between a rock and a hard place — 4 Comments

  1. I have a solution. Have the Government stop funding private schools and bring that funding back to our public schools. This makes me really mad.

  2. Great article, it is so important to understand that decisions to cut education are decided by the federal and provincial Governments. And the crap rolls down on the shoulders of our local politicians and boards, as well as upper management of our schools, like principals; who have to make difficult cuts. Being a child of a School board chairman for 12 years, I remember my Mom being kept awake at night having to cut what she new was necessary. At the same time seeing so much mismanagement of funds at the higher level. This was back in the 70’s and 80’s, not much has changed.
    I do not wish your job on anyone Neil.

  3. While the long-term solution is undoubtedly government commitment to education and resourcing it properly, in combination with policy (such as cutting funding to private schools as mentioned above by Launa), there is a shorter term solution for SD62, that will may give some relief and avoid cuts for up to 5 years while the government is changed by the people — *If* it is changed.

    This entails a balance sheet strategy, leveraging real estate assets, turning non-productive assets into productive ones, for instance, and negotiating attractive terms with the Province. We are willing to consult the board on such a strategy and assist in negotiations as well.