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SEAPARC referendum question, voter & scrutineer information, dates — 13 Comments

    • Now it is April 29 and everyone has had time to find the facts: your taxes will not increase because of this purchase. It is a question about how do you want to spend the money. The Juan de Fuca people who use the area facilities help pay. We share the cost for shared facilities. I’m voting Yes to investing in land now at a reasonable cost for the future. Bonus is the golf course will probably re-open soon operated by SEAPARC until the playing fields are needed. It isn’t “CRD” any more than the Sooke Region Museum is. Oh, you didn’t know that is a shared service, too? Not CRD: local people sharing costs for shared services. That is what SEAPARC is about.

    • SEAPARC has posted YES as the answer to the question. Thank you everyone who cared enough to vote and had the insight to vote YES.

  1. Well its been past experience in Sooke that if they have a referendum and ask people, they will vote it down. Even adding $5 to peoples taxes is too much for some people.

  2. Not at this time…way over priced and no future plans and costs given. The public needs more information…not political agendas. Please vote no for now…taxes are skyrocketing and we can’t even maintain our parks and urban areas already…

    • More thoughts. You can find the strategic plan for recreation managed out of the SEAPARC complex at the SEAPARC website. Do not lump SEAPARC in with District of Sooke when it comes to maintenance, funding or foresight. If you want a site better used or maintained find out which organization is responsible.
      SEAPARC’s strategic plan identifies purchasing more land for playing fields and building a fitness and weight room. The Committee is working towards both. The referendum is a needed formality and please, get the facts before you make up your mind.

  3. It won’t add anything to your current tax bill It just won’t reduce it. The saving for the average taxpayer in the Jaun de Fuca Electoral Area i.e. Otter Point East Sooke Shirley Jordan River will be less then $5.00 per year if they vote no. That will get you 2 cups of coffee. I would rather see parks and play grounds for the areas young people for the future. Sooke well they will save an average less then $9.00 per year. Look at the small size of lots and the small areas of park. People have to have space to play. Turn out Vote YES

    • There are parks everywhere you look…I can count a hundred easily..let alone the amazing back country. What about the millions they will need to spend to develop it? Money can be better spent making our existing facilities better and maybe start looking at maintaining what we have!

  4. The current tax for SEAPARC’s capital reserve will not change whether or not the public supports purchasing the golf course. It will be either a badly informed or a badly short-sighted vote if it goes against the purchase.

    The property is already cleared and grassed. To make a playing field, it would need some leveling. The property is already plumbed: there is a house on it. To put in a washroom or other amenity would be very low cost.

    In our area, the most of back country is privately owned unless it is public park. There is not a lot of Crown land out there.

    If you look at overall CRD park policies, you will see that different parks are developed for different purposes. The aim for this one, when purchased, will be active recreation.

    If your fundamental beliefs are against paying taxes, switch your thinking to investing in the future. “They” aren’t making any more land.

  5. Some people didn’t want to buy Beacon Hill Park either, but a hundred years later it was the jewel of downtown Victoria. Any time a public agency can secure a big chunk of land for public use it’s a good thing for the future. We are all in debt anyway so a few more bucks won’t matter, at least we get to choose what it’s being spent for instead of just being fleeced without consent like the rest of our taxes.

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