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September 12 Council Meeting Takeaways — 7 Comments

  1. So I think I was hearing that the Seniors here in Sooke are getting a clubhouse on Phillps Rd. It seems this will be part of a Senior complex. I assume you have to buy a unit to play in the clubhouse? I wonder if this was inspired by the Harbourside cohousing unit? Could be good.

  2. Referring to people as consumers sounds so lame. I do not want to be represented by people who see me as a consumer. The people of Sooke are much more than consumers. The name has always had a derogatory ring to it, reducing people to a factor in a profit and loss statement short changes what we are as members of a thriving community . It is uncivilized and I’m tired of being identified by public officials in this way. Referring to the people as the the people is a more accurate representation of what we are, or even the citizens is preferable.

  3. Todd – you are spot on, it is indicative of how we the public, the people, are viewed by some – merely consumers..now i understand that with corporations but not elected officials nor public servants…