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Shoppers Drug Mart adds environmental fee to shopping bags — 8 Comments

  1. I’m as guilty as the next guy for forgetting my reusable ones in my car, but there really is no excuse for requiring plastic at the tills anymore. I think this is a step in the right direction.

  2. Just bring my own too if I remember lol…however the large bags if you buy them are very inexpensive as garbage bags 20 × .05 = 1.00 very good deal on the bright side !

  3. Sounds just great! When people see me shop with my re-usable & washable shop bags they say. “I always forget mine in the car” I reply : ” so did I, but if you make yourself leave the store & go & get them before shopping after a few annoying ‘I forgot the bags walk back to the car’ ~ I found I trained myself to be a ‘bag’ lady.” Paying to use those wasteful bags is a good start.

  4. i think that’s great. we need to be made aware of what we are doing to our environment. i say charge more. what will it take to get people away from plastic?

  5. that was a brave move. Im sure there will be some shoppers that won’t go there because they don’t like being told that using plastic bags make them polluters. so, back to their big SUV and go elsewhere. Its a first step but how do we get manufacturers to sell products without massive packaging?

  6. I am a cashier & hate when a customer hands me their dirty stained unsanitary bag or bags covered with animal hair. They also bring goods they are returning in these cloth bags.