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Both sides of the story presented on CHEK News — 11 Comments

  1. You go there girl, a lot of the stuff has gone down for a long time. Finally it is rearing its ugly head, good for you for not backing down !

  2. Keep at it Britt. An ‘individual’ acting on behalf of the council and without the blessing of the mayor? They went behind the back of the council and did this as a personal attack against you? If these ‘official’ letters were done on municipal letterhead, someone could get in shit… They had no right to do that. If they use their position as leverage to get somewhere in their private life, I am not sure that is actually allowed… Fine line I guess… Regardless, they did go behind the back of the council and didn’t address this properly.

    If said person isn’t doing their job correctly, then we should all know right? And shouldn’t it be fair to say that once you step into the limelight of politics, not everyone is going to like you? And if you catch some criticism from protesters or the media, you should man up and possibly do a better job?

    Surely all the attention gained from the BC Libs is enough for them to file all sorts of orders telling the very unhappy public to shut the hell up… But with freedom of speech, and freedom of information, they wouldn’t dare! They also can’t get away with anything either, because the people are watching…

    Same thing for municipalities. Don’t give up! The truth needs to be told.

  3. Honestly when SPN posted “Sooke PocketNews will no longer question decisions made by #Sooke Council” You lost a lot of your journalistic integrity.

  4. I watched this on the news last night.
    The story as told by a six year old reads thus far:
    Britt “You’re bullying me”
    Mayor “No we’re not”
    Britt “Are so”
    This really did not serve to help in my understanding of the situation.
    Time to show us what you got Britt, been stated publicly you won’t/can’t be sued, or just let it go.