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Sneak peak at the new round library — 6 Comments

  1. looks good!! I hope the meeting rooms will be available for rent for different arts clubs etc

  2. I do hope they do proper tendering for the construction company so they don’t have to fire everyone like happened with the wooden stairway to the boardwalk.
    Sorry but don’t have a lot of faith judging from the past experience of Council and Staff.

  3. Wonderful-sounding development for Sooke. Could it be possible for VIRL to purpose-build a Senior’s Centre in the same building?

  4. A 6 million dollar building, yet no tax increases. How does that work?

    “…a 3D printer (may possibly have two portable recording studios. They are looking into solar panels. There will be electric vehicle charging stations, for both the public and for staff.”

    Sounds like someone at VIRL is heavily into empire building with other people’s money. Will the charging stations be “free”, with gas guzzling taxpayers picking up the tab?

    • Re: taxes. The Vancouver Island Regional Library collects a local services tax annually towards a budget that includes maintenance and replacement of libraries. The VIRL Board had this one covered a couple of years ago; it is in the budget so no tax increase. The present Sooke library is in a rented building. This new library will be build and owned by the VIRL on land leased from District of Sooke. It is going to be a modern library, without clay tablets or parchment scrolls.

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