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Social media users report suspected carbon monoxide leaks at EMCS — 8 Comments

  1. It would be helpful, as a parent, to find out quicker about these things and maybe mass emails/social media be updated faster so we do not worry. My daughter told me over an hour ago…

  2. The smell was due to a slipping belt on the furnace. Had it been serious parents would have been contacted by their kids to come get them.

  3. Not everyone is on social media so that will reach only a certain crowd. The people in the school aren’t able to do more as they are evacuated as well. The staff at the SBO can only send out the mass emails on behalf of the school and only once all details are confirmed. Do you follow SD 62. on FB?

  4. Tammy if there was an immediate need to worry, SBO staff would make sure parents were notified immediately. All school staff are evacuated when the students are, so administrators and admin. assistants are not going to be updating social media. They have enough to worry about, and social media is definitely not on the top of their priority list – getting all occupants of the building out and to safety is their main operative 🙂