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Some more information about winter tires — 8 Comments

  1. So, I can help: as you head up the ‘hat coming out of Langford there’s a sign that is the demarcation point beyond which you now need winter tires. I think, if memory serves, it’s pretty close to where it narrows down from 4 lane to 3 but don’t hold me to that.

    Also, there are a couple of all-weather (not the same as all-season); I know of Nokian and Kumho (which we’ve used and loved) that are all-year tires with the winter snowflake designation.

  2. So legally Harrison Lansing what’s the difference between all weather and all season? Wouldn’t that almost be fooling the public when you buy tires?

    • All weather are just that, good for all weather. All season have actually been renamed to three season tires because they loose traction below 7 degrees C.

      • Chris, the biggest single difference is that the all-weathers have the winter tire snowflake and all-seasons don’t

    • Why don’t they tell you when you buy them then? If I had a choice to go back and buy all weather I would have instead of both sets. Money makers for the tire shops I guess. Seeing as I am going to Tofino at the end of the month seems like a waste to use my winters for the few days I’m up there considering there won’t be any snow

    • I had a set of all weathers on my 2005 Escape. But I upgraded to a 2013 and they don’t make all weathers for the low profile rim. So I invested in ‘winter tires’ on rims last year as I live in an area where that tire warning sign is. Not one flake of snow…lol

    • Yeah I put new tires on last year and no snow. Which is good cause I hate snow. But I didn’t have them off till June lol.